DGT Happy Hour Photos – Drinking Democratically

It was a beautiful afternoon when Happy Democrats turned out for the first in-person Democrats of Greater Tucson Happy Hour. We met for “Drinking Democratically” at Agustin Kitchen on May 26, 2021.

In front: Sherry Savage. 2nd row: Brian Bickel, Susie Anderson, Naomi Story, Jon Lea Fimbres.
LD9 Chair Susan Bickel and DGT President Larry Bodine
John Finkelstein and DGT Secretary Christina Early holding his $20 membership fee.
Christina Early and Rachel Rulmyr
Gertrude Ashe talking to Rita Irwin-Davidson
Bam Miller, Ward 3 Council Candidate Kevin Dahl, and Lee Oler
Peter Bengston, holding sign, Lee Oler seated with Betty Bengtson and Larry Bodine
Josh Freeman and Larry Bodine
Standing, DGT Board member Tony Zinman, front row: Jim and Kathy Ramage-White, back row: Robert Bulecheck, Susie Anderson, and DGT Treasurer Steve Linder.
Pat Kelly, Josh Freeman, and DGT Secretary Christina Early
Foreground: Jim and Kathy Ramage-White
Sue and Karl Tucker
Betty Bengtson, Kevin Dahl and Peter Bengtson
Debby Knox and Norma Patteson

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