Daniel Hernandez Jr. is a Democratic State Representative for LD2, covering Southeast Pima County and Santa Cruz County. He spoke at the June 6 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

He has been an effective lawmaker fighting for our progressive values. He led the coalition to repeal the anti-LGBTQ “No Promo Homo” law. He also worked to stop guns in our schools. He’s held his Republican colleagues to task on anti-woman, anti-worker, and anti-democracy legislation.

For more information, visit www.danielforarizona.org/

Daniel fought for and was able to secure more than $3 million in urgently needed funds to keep the doors open of the Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital in Green Valley during the current crisis. He also fought and was able to secure $1 million for the Holy Cross Hospital in Nogales.

In 2019 he was able to secure $20 million for school counselors and social workers at our public schools.

He was the Women’s Healthcare Champion for 2019 for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Daniel was also awarded the Barbara Jordan Progressive Leadership Award for his work in Arizona from the People for the American Way.