CREDO Mobile: the Phone that Supports Progressive Causes

Every month, CREDO gives $150,000 to the progressive causes you care most about — including the ACLU, Amnesty International, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Women’s March, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Planned Parenthood, Brady: United Against Gun Violence and many more.

CREDO Action is a nationwide social change network of 5 million activists, made possible by CREDO Mobile and its customers. The mobile phone service has donated $89 million since 1985 to organizations supporting economic justice, voting rights, climate justice, civil rights, and women’s rights.

Without CREDO Mobile and its customers, this impact wouldn’t be possible. Democrats should consider switching to the carrier with a conscience and get coverage on the nation’s largest, most dependable 4G LTE network.

Current offers include $100 off select phones. Prices range from $14.54 / mo. for an Apple iPhone 7, to
$41.66 / mo. for a Samsung Galaxy S 10+.

Plans include a 1GB data plan for $63 for 2 lines. The price includes unlimited talk and text with a device payment plan, coverage on America’s best network (Sprint), DVD quality (480p) video streaming, long-distance calls to Canada & Mexico. The phone service that powers progressive change makes nearly $2 million in donations each year.

It was 1985, the peak of the Reagan era, and greed ran rampant on Wall Street. But a small band of idealists refused to buy in—or sell out. Instead, we pursued an American dream of our own: to build a business that works for progressive social change. We launched Working Assets with credit cards in the ’80s, added long-distance phone service in the ’90s, mobile phones in the new millennium and renewable energy in 2018.

CREDO Action engages in petition campaigns, call campaigns and protests targeting key decision-makers to oust bigots and industry shills from the Trump regime, protect immigrants, stop the Muslim ban, defeat efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and more. In addition, the CREDO Mobile Donations program reaches more than $86 million in all-time donations to progressive organizations.

In 2018 CREDO senior leaders put themselves on the front line of the Brett Kavanaugh protests with partners from Women’s March, Center for Popular Democracy Action, UltraViolet and other progressive groups, interrupting the first day of the Kavanaugh hearings to tell the U.S. Senate that the hearings are a sham and that we stand with CREDO members in opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Arrested for their efforts, CREDO leaders were proud to take a stand as leaders of a company whose social mission is ingrained in our corporate and brand DNA.

In 2019, CREDO Mobile launched an entirely new and updated website to make purchasing a mobile phone and deciding to have your choice of mobile carrier reflect your values easier than ever.

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