Consuelo Hernandez for AZ Rep. in LD21 and also School Board

Many thanks to our volunteer Mallory Riggier, a Precinct Committee Person in LD18, for editing DGT’s videos.

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00:04 Democratic Candidate for Arizona House in LD 21 Consuelo Hernandez

00:08 Introduction to Democratic Candidate Consuelo Hernandez

01:19 Democratic Candidate Consuelo Hernandez Remarks

05:53 Q&A

Consuelo Hernandez is running for Arizona House in LD21. She also plans to remain the President of the Sunnyside Union School District School Board, because a gang of Republican Trumpers is running to wreak havoc with the school curriculum.

As Arizona tilts further right, she and her Mexican-American Jewish siblings are pushing back. Her older brother Daniel is a state Rep. and is running for Congress in CD6. Her sister Alma is also a state Rep.

Consuelo graduated with a degree in Global Health from ASU and has spent the last decade fighting for education equity in Pima County. She has hosted free citizenship clinics, raised money for students to pay for their DACA renewals as well as providing public health services in Panama and Ghana.

As a candidate for LD21Consuelo is committed to restoring funding for education, rebuilding Arizona’s economy, and investing in infrastructure and renewable energy.

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