Charlie Verdin for AZ House in LD18

Video production by Mallory Reigger.

Charlie Verdin is a Tucson businessperson running for Arizona state House in LD18. He spoke at the May 16, 2020 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

He wants to secure a bright future for his children with strong public schools and a healthy, sustainable economy while preserving our state’s natural beauty.

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Charlie is a Native American born in Louisiana who moved in 2007 to Tucson after starting Fangamer, which is now a successful, multinational operation. He is the former Secretary of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

Charlie is also the father of two young kids who will be entering public schools in the next few years.


  • Education: A strong educational system means higher pay for teachers plus investment in facilities and those who administer and maintain those facilities.
  • Economic Development: Our goal should be to create an environment that develops, retains, and attracts high-skilled workers to Arizona. We need to understand that workers want safety, education, childcare, housing, healthcare, and acceptance.
  • Environment: We are facing a water crisis as several states battle for control of rare water sources. We must come together and find solutions to our water shortage. We must also address the continuing, looming threat of climate change, which threatens us with drought, wildfires, and unpredictable weather.

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