Democracy is Under Full-Blown Attack

"Democracy is Under a Full-Blown Attack," was presented by the Democrats of Greater Tucson on May 19, 2022. Frank Figliuzzi discussed the fascist threats to our freedom and democracy as we enter the 2020 election season. Frank Figliuzzi is a national security commentator and regular guest on NBC News and MSNBC. He was the Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI, where he served for 25 years. Visit to see his book The FBI Way, Inside the Bureau's Code of Excellence, and numerous videos, podcasts, radio, appearances, and photos on his site. Designated Survivor Frank Figliuzzi: The idea [...]

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Will the Pandemic kill off right-wing populism in Western Europe?

A Webinar by Tucson Great Decisions Association Paulette Kurzer is a Professor at the University of Arizona. She is Director the of International Security Studies Program, and an expert in European politics. Virtually all (West) European countries possess a right-wing populist party, defined as a political group that claims to represent the people against the elite and espouses nationalist, anti-immigration, and anti-EU rhetoric. The first part of the talk will explore the reasons that have contributed to the rise of right-wing populism. The second part will examine the impact of the pandemic on populist parties in W. Europe. [...]

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Discover How Teresa Gerschutz is Turning Arizona Blue with Voter Cards, House Parties and New Volunteers

  In the latest episode of Larry Bodine Live, he interviews Teresa Gerschutz, a Precinct Committee Leader in Precinct #239 who recruits volunteers. She hands out info cards about voting when she registers new voters, so they can share the information with their friends. She met a couple of adult education teachers who offered to take piles of the cards. This video originally appeared on the LD9 Democrats website. One of her most successful ventures was starting a neighborhood association inviting candidates to her neighborhood house parties. "It was exciting for me. I love having people [...]

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SEE: Six Options at the End of Life with Dwight Moore, Ph.D.

Dwight Moore, Ph.D., spoke at the August 31, 2020, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.Dr. Dwight Moore is the Chair of the Education Committee or Arizona End of Life Options, (, a non-profit that is working to pass legislation here in Arizona for eligible patients to die with dignity. Dr. Moore will review the six choices we have at the end of life. He will tell a story of a dignified death (medical aid in dying). Dwight Moore, Ph.D., of Arizona End of Life Options The proposed legislation is modeled after time-tested laws already in effect [...]

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WATCH Gabriella Cazares Kelly, Candidate for Pima Recorder, at DGT on 7/27/2020

Gabriella Cázares-Kelly has worked in Native American institutions for more than 14 years, mostly in higher education and at the high school level. She has always been a fierce student advocate. She was a member of the Arizona Board of Regents Academic Advising Articulation Task Force for 9 years and is currently an Advisory Board member for the Education Policy Center at the University of Arizona. She is a co-founder of Indivisible Tohono, a grassroots community organization that focuses on providing opportunities for education and civic engagement for members of the Tohono Oʼodham Nation. She is extremely active [...]

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Watch DGT Online: Chris Nanos for Sheriff

On June 8, 2020, Chris Nanos, a candidate for Sheriff, spoke at the weekly DGT Online meeting. He discussed Community Policing, Social Justice Reform, and holding deputies accountable for excessive violence.

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WATCH: Domingo DeGrazia, Candidate for AZ Rep., District 10

Domingo DeGrazia is a Democratic Legislator in the Arizona House of Representatives, District 10. DeGrazia was elected in 2018. The youngest son of the artist Ted DeGrazia, his family has lived in Arizona for more than 100 years. His top issues are: Fighting for Arizona families through fully funded public education Passing consumer and biometric data privacy laws Cleaning up government He first ran for the Arizona House to fix the Department of Child Services statutes to better protect our state’s vulnerable youth. As a trial attorney representing families dealing with DCS, he saw firsthand how our [...]

Billy Peard, Candidate for State Representative, LD2 – May 11, 2020 In this DGT Online Zoom webinar, Billy Peard, Candidate for State Representative, LD2, discussed: His personal/professional background Why he is running, and why this year? Why he is making a primary challenge against incumbent Democrats? (Sen. Andrea Dalessandro and Rep. Daniel Hernandez) How he distinguishes himself from the two incumbents in his district. Billy Peard grew up in Southern Arizona and went to Arizona public schools (back when we ranked 36th in the country rather than 46th). For many years, Billy worked as a lawyer on the East Coast where he represented DREAMers, asylum-seekers, and farmworkers. Following the 2016 [...]

WATCH Juan Padres, Candidate for Pima Supervisor, District 3 In this Zoom broadcast by Democrats of Greater Tucson on May 4, 2020, Juan Padres discusses poverty in Pima County, quality early childhood education, workforce development, economic development, and protecting our most vulnerable.   DGT invites you to attend our live broadcasts every Monday at Noon on Zoom. We present local candidates, especially those in a primary. Just visit Juan Francisco Padrés is a native of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Juan came to Tucson in 1999 to attend the University of Arizona where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and later his Master’s of Business of [...]

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How To Look Good on Zoom Video Calls This video has 2,102,203 views as of Mar 31, 2020. Angie “Hot and Flashy” Schmitt,  is a 55-year-old YouTuber who demos and reviews beauty products. Shopping Links: File Box: Tabletop Ring Light: Tabletop Mini Tripod: Phone Holder Adapter for Tripod: Tablet Holder for Tripod: Pop Socket: Mug: Laptop Cover: Beachwaver S1 Curling Iron: (Ulta), (Amazon) DryBar Triple Sec 3-In-1 Dry Shampoo: Batiste Dry Shampoo: Choker Necklace: Pendant Necklace: Jacket: MY AMAZON SHOP: MY CHANNEL: BLOG: INSTAGRAM: LIKETOKNOW.IT: FACEBOOK: [...]

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