Miranda Lopez: Redistricting is #1 Challenge for Democrats

Redistricting in Arizona is expected to break up Democratic powerhouse LD9, but also to change Republican-held LD11, according to Miranda Lopez, the Director of the Pima County Democratic Party. She spoke at the July 5, 2021, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.   Miranda Lopez started as the new Director for the Pima County Democratic Party in March. She graduated from the UA in Tucson in 2018. Miranda worked in 2018 as a Democratic organizer in Flagstaff, and in 2020 as a regional organizing director.After the election, she returned to the PCDP as the Operations Coordinator and was promoted to [...]

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You’re Coming to the Voter Suppression Horror Show, Whether you Like it or Not

Halloween is over, but you wouldn't know it from the gore that’s coming out of the Arizona Legislature. Each one of these modern-day “Jim Crow” bills is their own horror movie scene. Such ridiculous and obvious voter suppression moves belong only in comic books, NOT in our legislature. The AZGOP will stop at nothing to make voting more difficult than it already is.Help us fight back. Pima County is the second-largest county in Arizona, and as such Democratic candidates rely on our ability to operate professionally, with all the most modern techniques. PCDP is the firewall that the state and national [...]

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Protecting Voting Rights and the Democratic Agenda

Only Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is standing strong against voter suppression. As a nation, we have committed ourselves through our President and the Democratic majority in Congress, who in concert enacted legislation that sets Americans on a path to control and end the COVID-19. The American Recovery Act gives the federal, state, and local governments the resources to do both jobs quickly and responsibly. However, the work of government is never over. Among the many issues left in the pile of wreckage that greeted President Biden and the Democratic leadership of Congress, one issue looms large. That [...]

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State Courts Become a Top Political Battleground for Voter Suppression

There have been 253 bills in 43 states to restrict voting all over unfounded allegations of rampant voter fraud. The real battle will take place in our courts, particularly in state supreme courts. To accomplish this, Republicans across the country all have come up with the same game plan, stacking state supreme courts. The only states that hold a Republican majority have tried this. Arizona, unfortunately, has not been spared. Gov. Ducey signed legislation (H.B. 2537) expanding the Arizona Supreme Court in 2016. At the time, Gov. Ducey promised Arizonans "swift justice" signing the bill he also promised. FALSE: A larger court [...]

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Sotomayor Pans GOP Lawyer in Arizona Ballot-Collection Case in Supreme Court

"Excuse me," Justice Sonia Sotomayor interrupted. "if you just can't vote for those reasons and your vote is not being counted, you've been denied the right to vote, haven't you?" While the Supreme Court could uphold voter suppression laws in Arizona and across the nation, Justice Sotomayor leveled withering criticism at the GOP’s anti-voter lawyer. Barrett, along with Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh, appear to have formed a moderately conservative bloc, judging from Arizona ballot-harvesting oral arguments on March 2, as well as prior cases the Justices have argued this term. Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee The [...]

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Republicans Ignore Constituents and Hate Voters

Recently we saw a series of bad-faith efforts by Republican leaders to undermine majority rule across our democratic republic. Then the self-styled Dowager President from Mar-a-Lago emerged at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee meeting in Florida. Along with him were two of his handmaids cleverly disguised as U.S. Senators. Once more, they amplified The Big Lie and vowed to fight on. The CPAC performances made this cautionary essay even more germane. Let's start in our Nation's Capital It appears that Republicans in Congress have decided to turn their backs on their constituents and ignore their needs, which are meet [...]

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Melinda Iyer Targets Republican Zombie Bills to Kill

Melinda Iyer, Editor of the AZ Legislature Weekly Update newsletter, discussed the raw power of the Request to Speak system for voters to kill bad legislation and upvote progressive bills. She spoke at the February 23, 2021 meeting of the LD9 Democrats. Iyer reads the short title and sponsor name of bills introduced in the Arizona legislature, including the 40 voter suppression bills introduced by Republicans. She also notes the bill sponsor -- so if it's rightwing Sen. Michelle Ugenti Rita (R-LD23), Iyer knows "it's up to no good at all." She closely tracks "striker" bills, where a [...]

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Judge Flushes Frivolous Election Lawsuit by Bungling GOP Lawyers

A state judge in Phoenix flushed away the lawsuit by GOP lawyers Dennis Wilenchik, Jack Wilenchik, and Lee Miller, who aimed to overturn the election results in Maricopa County. GOP attorney Dennis Wilenchik Superior Court Judge John Hannah had already dismissed their lawsuit and just released a ruling denouncing the lawyers for knowingly filing the “meritless” case. The judge said the lawyers made amateurish mistakes, like not knowing the law, suing the wrong party, filing the case “way too late,” and asking for an illegal outcome. The lawsuit on behalf of the Arizona Republican Party was part of [...]

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