Juan Ciscomani, a Trumper and Ducey Crony, is wrong for Congress in CD2

Juan Ciscomani, an advisor to Governor Doug Ducey, is the leading Republican candidate vying for his party’s nomination to be the US Congressman for Southern Arizona in Tucson's CD2. "We don’t need a Ducey crony representing Southern Arizona in Congress," says Senator Kirsten Engel, running for Congress in Tucson's CD2 But is he the right person for the position? Let us see where he stands on the issues. He opposes a woman’s right to choose.He favors guns everywhere, all the time.Juan opposes "extreme ideas like Critical Race Theory," and wants to eliminate teaching students about racism.He wants to lock down the [...]

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Kirsten Engel Leads Fundraising in Race for Tucson’s Congressperson

Former Arizona LD10 State Senator Kirsten Engel’s team has raised $265,000 for the third quarter. So far, her campaign has received more than $600,000 in campaign donations. 87% of the donations came from Arizonans.85% percent came from small donations of $100.00 or less. Arizona LD2 State Representative Daniel Hernandez’s team conveyed that he garnered just under $240,000 in campaign donations. To date, the Hernandez Campaign has received more than $500,000 in donations. In the press release announcing the new totals, former State Senator Engel commented: “I am incredibly thankful for the depth of support behind our grassroots campaign. Whether it’s [...]

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Kirsten Engel Emerges as the Frontrunner in the Race to Succeed Ann Kirkpatrick in Congress

State Senator Kirsten Engel claimed the title of the front-runner in the race to succeed Ann Kirkpatrick in what is now Arizona Congressional District Two. Supported by many endorsements, she's running on popular issues such as ensuring Arizona's water supply, protecting reproductive freedom, and supporting voting rights. Now that Dr. Randy Friese has dropped out of the race, Kirsten Engel and Daniel Hernandez are contesting each other for the Democratic Party nomination of that pivotal House seat in the 2022 elections.  Engel has also been acquiring several endorsements from former colleagues inside and outside the State Legislature including: State Senator [...]

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Rep. Daniel Hernandez Calls for Progressive Action in Run for Congress

State Rep. Daniel Hernandez (D-LD2) is running for Congress in Tucson's CD2. The district is 27% Latino but has never had a Latino member of Congress, he pointed out at the September 30, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. In the past, Hernandez ran the national Latino outreach program at Planned Parenthood and aims to bring Latino immigrants "from out of the shadows and into a pathway to citizenship." He supports HR1, the For the People Act, to protect Latino voting rights. His sister Alma Hernandez is also a state House member from LD3 and his other sister Consuelo [...]

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Democrats Running for Congress Align Perfectly with Arizonans’ 7 Shared Public Values

The three leading Democratic candidates for Congress in Tucson's CD2 align perfectly with the seven public values shared by Arizona's 7.4 million residents, as determined by a new Gallup survey. This is a very positive sign for primary challengers Rep. Randy Friese (D-LD9), Sen. Kirsten Engel (D-LD10), and Rep. Daniel Hernandez (D-LD2). In fact, Democratic candidates statewide reflect the shared public values of Arizonans. Seven in 10 (70%) Arizonans are proud to live in Arizona, however, only 44% of respondents agree the state is heading in the right direction. College-educated millennials and people under age 35 are less likely than [...]

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Dr. Randy Friese on the 2021 AZ House Session and Running for Congress

Video editing by Ann Simmons. Rep. Randy Friese (D-LD9) actually got three bills passed into law in this year's Republican-dominated legislative session. He attributed his success to his unique skills as a critical care physician. "When you take into account more viewpoints, your solution is more robust," he said. Dr. Randy Friese is a veteran, doctor, and educator who spoke at the July 19, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson to discuss the recent legislative session and his bid to be elected to Congress in Tucson's Congressional District 2 to replace retiring US Representative Ann Kirkpatrick.   You can [...]

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LD2 Representative Daniel Hernandez Aims for Congress in Tucson’s CD2

Arizona Representative Daniel Hernandez (D-LD2) states he has always wanted to help people since he was a small child. First, he wanted to help people by training in the medical profession. Later, the influence of former House Representative Gabby Giffords steered him toward assisting others through public service. Since 2017, Hernandez has served the people of LD2 Two and Grand Canyon State as a member of the Arizona House. In that time, he has supported and voted for measures to: Support democracy and the right to vote. Provide gun-free safety zones in schools. Safeguard water safety. Fund childcare services. Protect and increase rights [...]

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