Mayor Romero Pans Arizona Attorney General’s Claim that Vaccine Mandate is Illegal

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich wants to get his party's nomination for the United States Senate so much that he is willing to risk lives during a pandemic to do it. Political hack Mark Brnovich In a September 7, 2021 press release, Brnovich asserted that Tucson's vaccine mandate for city employees is not legal because it violates Governor Ducey's Executive Order and state law. In the press release, the Arizona Attorney General stated: “Tucson’s vaccine mandate is illegal, and the city could be held liable for attempting to force employees to take it against their beliefs. COVID-19 vaccinations [...]

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Councilman Richard Fimbres on the Renaissance of Ward 5

Video editing by Anne Simmons. Democratic Richard Fimbres is a member of the Tucson City Council representing Ward 5, where he is a lifelong resident. He was first elected in 2009 and is running unopposed in the November 2, 2021 election. Richard is running to continue his work as the Ward 5 Council Member, continuing the Renaissance of Ward 5 and the Southside. During his time as your Ward 5 Council Member, Richard Fimbres has worked to: Open businesses in Ward 5 and create 14,000 jobs;Bring GEICO’s Regional Office, Dave & Busters, Costco, Curacao, CenturyMark 14 Theatre, Amazon Distribution Center, APAC Pharmaceutical [...]

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Video: Andres Portela, Tucson Council Candidate, Ward 6

Our Voice, Our Vote–Arizona advocates for progressive public policies and mobilizing voters. Andrés Portela is an Afro-Latino activist running in the August 3 Democratic primary for the Tucson City Council to represent Ward 6. If elected, he would be the first African-American on the City Council since 1980 Andrés spoke about building community through prioritizing our H.O.M.E. Housing: helping families avoid evictions, placing the homeless in housing and installing a public advocate to fight predatory landlords. At one time Andres had to live in his car, but today he is married and owns a house. Opportunity: Using the [...]

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Poverty is Tucson’s Biggest Problem, says Tucson Council Candidate Juan Padres, Ward 3

"Poverty is the No. 1 factor in Tucson that is stopping us from prosperity. What the pandemic did is accelerate it. By observing what’s going on in the community, I think poverty is the main issue," said Juan Francisco Padrés is a candidate for the Tucson City Council in Ward 3. He addressed the Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting on May 10, 2021. "Poverty is the common denominator in economic justice, social justice, climate justice and food justice," Padres said. "Poverty affects every aspect of our community, from pollution, health, crime, the economy, education, and homelessness. Padrés is the operator [...]

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Steve Kozachik, Tucson City Councilman on Reid Park, 5G Towers and Water Pollution

Video editing by Anne Simmons. Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik, representing Ward 6, said he favors saving the duck pond and Barnum Hill in Reid Park, in a new proposal to build a natural resource center with more trees, new water features, and ADA accessibility. He spoke at the April 26, 2021, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. "I support either B or C. Both got the highest number of votes. Both preserve our 4-year-old contract commitments, and both do not increase the cost beyond our ability to pull it off. Option G has up to a $25M added cost. [...]

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Tucson Shouldn’t Charge Pima County Residents More for Water

For decades, the city of Tucson and Pima County have partnered with each other in providing water and sewer services to our region, with the city taking the lead with water and the county with sewer. Both entities have charged their customers rates that are based solely on the “cost of service” model and that recognized no distinctions based on where customers lived. This fair partnership has served our region well, but it will become inequitable if the city government decides in April to impose differential water rates on Tucson Water customers who live in certain parts of Pima County. [...]

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VIDEO: Miranda Schubert, Candidate for City Council, Ward 6, Calls for Housing Justice

Miranda Schubert is a candidate for Tucson City Council, Ward 6. She has been an academic advisor in Tucson for the past decade, now at the University of Arizona in the Department of Physiology. She is the chair of her department’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion working group and also a member of the Steering Committee for United Campus Workers of Arizona, Local 7065, a wall-to-wall union that includes workers from both ASU and the UA. Since 2016. The four points of her platform are: Bringing small, local businesses to Tucson. Pursuing community-centered construction. It is a privilege to build a [...]

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WATCH: Billy Kovacs, Outreach Director, Drives Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s Priorities

Since 2019 Billy Kovacs had served as Outreach Director to disseminate crucial information about Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick's work (D-CD2. He spoke at the Democrats of Greater Tucson Meeting on March 22, 2021. Previously, Billy was a candidate for US Congress and the Political Director for David Garcia for Governor. In his current position, Billy reviews opinions, monitors feedback, and relays any concerns voiced by his network. Billy makes recommendations for legislation and policy working with the Congressional staff in Washington DC. Billy headed the weekly COVID-19 task force, and influenced issues including the environment, energy, water, business, infrastructure, and rural [...]

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Democratic Heroes of Tucson: Selim Franklin

Democrat Selim Franklin supported womens' right to vote, and helped found the UofA and the Corporation Commission. This article is the first in a continuing series about Democratic Heroes of Tucson. While people are focused on public servants who strive to move communities forward, it is important to remember Democrats who came before and paved the road for all of us to walk on. Selim Franklin, an early Democrat in Tucson, is one person that citizens of Tucson should honor for his contributions to Arizona before it became a state. Born in San Bernardino, California on October 19, 1859, Franklin [...]

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What’s Our Water Future?

League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson Voter Education Program Saturday, March 20 | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Online Registration link: FREE Virtual Public Webinar The future is likely to bring a hotter, drier climate, resulting in projected reductions in Colorado River flows. Population growth in the state will create an increased demand for water. We need to ensure that water is shared equitably among stakeholders, including tribal communities, municipal users, agriculture, and industry.  And we need to take care that water is available to protect ecological systems and threatened riparian landscapes. Join us to hear experts Kathy Jacobs of UArizona, State [...]

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