Mayors Gallego and Romero on What is At Stake in AZ’s 2022 Elections

Both Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and Tucson Mayor Regina Romero know what is at stake in the 2022 elections as Arizona finds itself at the proverbial fork in the road where voters will decide whether to elect candidates and measures up and down the ballot that will take the Grand Canyon state backward or vote for individuals and propositions that will move us forward. Responding to a request for comment for this article, Mayor Gallego relayed: This article first appeared on the Blog for Arizona. “We have an incredibly important election coming up this November. No matter how you feel [...]

Mayor Regina Romero Discusses Her First Months as Mayor of Tucson

Mayor Regina Romero has had a lot on her governing plate since becoming the current leader of Tucson in December 2019. Like most Arizona’s Mayors, she has taken a leading role in combatting the pandemic and maintaining public discourse and order in the aftermath of the police murder of George Floyd. She has also worked hard to fulfill her campaign promises to the citizens of Tucson. Mayor Romero graciously took the time to discuss her first months in office. This article first appeared on the Blog for Arizona, The questions and her responses are below. 1)    Please describe your experiences [...]

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WATCH Tucson Mayor Regina Romero at DGT Online, July 20

Mayor Romero will discuss Mayor Romero discussed: ● Local COVID-19 Response ● Her First Six Months in Office She is the first woman and first Latina Mayor of Tucson, as well as the only Latina Mayor in the 50 largest U.S. cities. She joined Arizona mayors to demand that Governor Ducey take statewide action to combat COVID-19.

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DGT President Bodine Supports ‘Black Lives Matter’ Banner on City Hall

Larry Bodine is a writer for the Blog for Arizona Tucson Mayor Regina Romero unveiled the Black Lives Matter banner on Juneteenth, a celebratory day commemorating when U.S. slaves were freed in 1865. "I think it's an entirely appropriate use of public funds," Larry Bodine, President of the Democrats of Greater Tucson said. Bodine said the banner is a way for the city to show support for Black people and demand police reform. "You're not gonna cause any change or call things to the public's attention if you don't something dramatic," Bodine said. "This banner is [...]

Dr. Jill Biden Holds Virtual Meetings with Arizona Democratic Activists and Educators

Crossposted from (Update Available!) Original Post by David Gordon Dr. Jill Biden is an exceptional spokesperson for her husband, the 2020 Democratic Presumptive Presidential Nominee. On Thursday, May 14, 2020, the former Second Lady of the United States met and talked with Arizona Democratic Activists and Educators in two Thursday afternoon virtual group events. In an earlier morning virtual session, Dr. Biden held an event with Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and other Latina leaders. The two-afternoon events centered on virtual campaigning and education. Both began with introductory videos of Dr. Biden promoting the needs for inclusiveness, unity, and social [...]

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