SEE: Matt Heinz for Pima Supervisor, District 2

ALSO: Luci Messing (First Vice Chair of the Pima Democratic Party) and Bonnie Heidler (current chair of LD10 Democrats) announce that they are running for Chair of the Pima County Democrats. Current Chair Alison Jones has decided not to run again. Dr. Matthew Heinz is running for the Pima County Board of Supervisors to represent District 2. Matt is an internist and hospitalist at Tucson Medical Center. He spoke at the October 26, 2020, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. He is pursuing a platform for a healthy community Healthy families A healthy economy A healthy environment Elected [...]

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Diamond is the Only Choice for Pima County Dist. 4 Supervisor. Christy is an Abomination.

After listening to a League of Women Voters debate, it is clear that Steve Diamond -- the first Democrat to run for Pima County District 4 Supervisor -- is the servant of the people. At the same time, incumbent Steve Christy is a science denier who is the servant of super-PACs and the fossil fuel industry. However, it gets more pernicious than that. Stonegarden Grants Christy won his first term as District 4 Supervisor riding Donald Trump’s coattails in the 2016 Presidential election. In February 2020, Christy voted in favor of receiving Federal Stonegarden grants, bringing ICE into our backyards. [...]

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Steve Diamond, Candidate for Dist. 4 Pima Supervisor, Aims to Oust Anti-Science Incumbent

In a year that indicates a Blue Wave may be coming, the trends are good news to the Democratic candidate Steve Diamon, candidate for District Four Supervisor. A labor activist who is a pragmatic problem-solver who believes in promoting inclusiveness and equity, being accessible and transparent,  forging just consensus and building forward, Diamond believes “that strong local communities where we care for each other and uplift each other are our best hope for ensuring that future (for our country.) If elected, Diamond would concentrate on: Helping the residents of Pima County get through the COVID 19 pandemic. Protecting the environment. [...]

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