Rep. Morgan Abraham’s Offense and Defense Strategy

The Republican Arizona Legislature is passing anti-voting laws, banning parental family planning, and destroying public education. Accordingly, Rep. Morgan Abraham — a candidate for state Senate in LD18 — devised an offense and defense strategy. He spoke at the April 11, 2021, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Abbreviated video (11 minutes) Full length meeting … Read more

Kat Stratford Stands Up for Trans, Gay and Refugee Rights

Kat Stratford is running for State Representative as a Democrat in the new LD18 (formerly LD9). She plans to focus on the unprecedented climate crisis that will render much of our beautiful desert uninhabitable within 50 years. Families are still struggling to gain reasonable access to basics like healthcare, education, and food assistance. Voting rights … Read more

Video & Transcript: Chris Mathis for State House in LD9

Watch the video with a word-by-word transcript! Try it out. Article by Maria Parsons Chris Mathis, a candidate for the open house seat in Legislative District 9, spoke about reproductive rights, voting rights, water resources, and the chronic underfunding of education, and the ongoing Republican assault on our public education system. He spoke at the … Read more

Nathan Davis for LD9 House Focuses on Education, Climate and Abortion.

Former middle school teacher Nathan Davis said he will focus on education, climate change and abortion if elected to the Arizona state House from LD9. He spoke at the October 4, 2021, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. “I believe we have the best chance that we’ve had in a while to retake the state … Read more

Ward and Finchem Disgrace Themselves With Reactions to the Trump Coup Attempt

It is time for members of the Arizona Republican Party to decide what people they want to lead them. In their reactions to the attempted insurrection by Trumpist mobs at the nation’s capital, current Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward and Legislative District 11 State Representative Mark Finchem disgraced themselves and clearly showed that they should … Read more

Mark Finchem Spreads Scary Claims while Bonding with Indicted Steve Bannon

The video below from the Trump Zone is scary. It is a seven-minute exchange between the indicted white nationalist-fascist and Trump confidant Steve Bannon and fringe reactionary state representative Mark Finchem (R-LD11). During this exchange on December 28, 2020, Finchem went after the Republican-dominated Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for using the courts to stop … Read more

Dr. Felipe Perez to Return Science and Reason to Arizona’s LD 11

Doctors office

In the last couple of election cycles, the politics of Arizona Legislative District 11 has come under ridicule because of the fringe and conspiracy-laden views of its elected state officials, notably State Representative Mark Finchem, a right-wing militia leader, and State Senator Vince Leach. While the second Republican member of the LD 11 State House … Read more

Kirsten Engel Will Champion the People’s Agenda in the Arizona State Senate

With Senate Democratic Leader David Bradley retiring this year, voters in Arizona Legislative District Ten will have a choice on whom they want to succeed him this November. The Democrats have nominated one of the District’s current State Representatives, Kirsten Engel, to be the next State Senator. During her time in the State House: Ms. Engel … Read more

LD11 Officially a ‘Flippable District’ to Blue for JoAnna Mendoza and Felipe Perez

The ADLCC, the legislative arm of the Arizona Democratic Party, has added District 11 to their list of flippable Districts and investing additional resources into Democratic candidates JoAnna Mendoza for state Senate in LD11, and Dr. Felipe Perez for state House. “Throughout this campaign, we’ve proven that change is possible when we come together for … Read more