Dana Allmond and the Values of Duty, Honor and Country to Serve in the AZ Legislature

“Duty, Honor, Country.” More than words, these are the values that drive Dana Allmond to run for the AZ House of Representatives in LD17 from the Tucson area. Values that Dana committed to as a cadet at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, in achieving the rank of Lt. Colonel (now retired) and still … Read more

Akanni Oyegbola for state House in LD21

Mallory Riegger is DGT’s volunteer video editor and a Precinct Committee Person in LD18. 00:00 DGT Logo 00:04 Mission 4 Arizona 00:08 Welcome to the DGT 00:15 Introduction to Akanni Oyegbola for the Arizona House in LD21 01:08 Akanni Oyegbola Remarks 07:39 Q&A 26:37 Contact Akanni Oyegbola at www.akanniforaz.org Akanni says: “I am Akanni Oyegbola … Read more

Stephanie Stahl Hamilton Will Tackle the Environment and Water in New LD18

Stephanie Stahl Hamilton has had a very busy first two years at the State Legislature. Elected as a State House member in Legislative District (LD) 10 in 2020, she moved to the State Senate after being appointed there in 2021. In her time in both chambers, she built relationships with legislators from both political parties. She … Read more

Consuelo Hernandez for AZ Rep. in LD21 and also School Board

Many thanks to our volunteer Mallory Riggier, a Precinct Committee Person in LD18, for editing DGT’s videos. 00:00 DGT Logo 00:04 Democratic Candidate for Arizona House in LD 21 Consuelo Hernandez 00:08 Introduction to Democratic Candidate Consuelo Hernandez 01:19 Democratic Candidate Consuelo Hernandez Remarks 05:53 Q&A Consuelo Hernandez is running for Arizona House in LD21. … Read more

Schoolteacher Nathan Davis for State House LD18

Video editing by Mallory Riegger. Nathan Davis, a candidate for Arizona State House representing LD18, spoke at the June 13 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Nathan is a Democrat who will stand up in the AZ House of Representatives to: Reinvest in public education: bring per-pupil funding from the current $8,600 to the national average … Read more

Nancy Gutierrez for State House in LD18

Candidate Nancy Gutierrez addressed the May 23, 2022, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Nancy has taught yoga at Tucson High for 9 years. She was the Physical Education Department Chair for five years and is currently on the Safety Committee at Tucson High Magnet School.       Nancy’s platform: Ensure that Arizona sets public education, teachers, … Read more

Put the Surplus into Public Education, say LD16 Candidates Keith Seaman and Taylor Kerby

Democratic LD16 Candidates Taylor Kerby and Keith Seaman argued forcefully that the state’s $5 Billion surplus should be plowed into the public school budgets. They spoke at the April 25, 2022 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Keith Seaman is from Casa Grande and seeks a seat in the state House. He is Vice President … Read more