Katie Hobbs to Issue Damning Report About Maricopa Fraudit

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said she will issue a damning report about the Maricopa County election fraudit within two weeks. "This is nothing more than a grift and a sham," she said at a meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Her office has hired independent election observers since May 24 to visit the Maricopa fraudit and write their daily observations. "We are going to be coming out with a report in the next couple of weeks that really encapsulates all of that. Look, no matter what they come up with, this isn't a real audit and their results [...]

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As Arizona Secretary of State, Reginald Bolding wants People to Vote without Intimidation

Arizona State House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding has dedicated his professional life to helping people, first as a special education instructor in the Roosevelt Elementary School District, then as a clinical instructor to young teachers at Arizona State University. Today, Rep. Bolding (D-LD27) is the House Democratic Leader in the Arizona State Legislature. A committed voting rights activist who has helped create organizations that have increased voter turnout in Arizona, Bolding has decided to run for Arizona Secretary of State. While in the Legislature, Bolding has supported measures to: Fully fund education. Expand KidsCare for poor children needing health care. [...]

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