Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger Endorses Adrian Fontes

Members of the sane wing of the Republican Party are deciding to throw their support to Democrats in Arizona in the 2022 elections because they cannot stomach the election denialism and Anti-Democracy strain of the extremely dangerous MAGA Trumpists. Today, Illinois Representative and January 6, 2022, Committee Member Adam Kinzinger, recognizing the danger Mark Finchem … Read more

Adrian Fontes on Defeating Jan6er Oath Keeper Mark Finchem’s Election Lies

On the former party of Lincoln’s side, we have Trump Republican, a supporter of The Big Lie, and January 6th, 2021 participant, Mark Finchem. On the Democratic side, we have a former Marine, a subscriber to reality, and Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian Fontes. In his first interview with Blog For Arizona since gaining the Democratic … Read more

Adrian Fontes, Candidate for Secretary of State, Will Make Voting Easier

By Maria Parsons Secretary of State candidate Adrian Fontes said he will put online the now-laborious process of gathering signatures for public initiatives. This will alleviate the ordeal of getting hundreds of thousands of signatures in a short time period during the sweltering summer. Instead, voters will be able to sign a petition for an … Read more

Democracy is on the Line in 2022, says Reginald Bolding for Secretary of State

  “Right now in the world has enough politicians and we need more leaders, and right now in this moment, democracy, absolutely is on the line,” said Rep. Reginald Bolding, who is running for Secretary of State. He spoke at the September 20, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. “We absolutely need people that … Read more

Governor Candidate Katie Hobbs says the Maricopa Fraudit is “a Sham”

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said she will issue a damning report about the Maricopa County election fraudit within two weeks. “This is nothing more than a grift and a sham,” she said at the July 26, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Her office has hired independent election observers since May 24 … Read more

As Arizona Secretary of State, Reginald Bolding wants People to Vote without Intimidation

Arizona State House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding has dedicated his professional life to helping people, first as a special education instructor in the Roosevelt Elementary School District, then as a clinical instructor to young teachers at Arizona State University. Today, Rep. Bolding (D-LD27) is the House Democratic Leader in the Arizona State Legislature. A committed … Read more