Arizona Voter Suppression Unleashed by 2013 Supreme Court Ruling A notorious 2013 US Supreme Court ruling gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and unleashed the onslaught of voter suppression laws by Republicans that continue to this day, according to Robert J. McWhirter, who addressed the June 22, 2021, meeting of the LD9 Democrats. The Court in Shelby County v. Holder ruled that Arizona -- which has a dark history of suppressing Black, Latino, and Native votes -- no longer had to get pre-clearance of voting laws from the US Department of Justice. "The 15th amendment says Congress shall have the power to enforce appropriate with appropriate legislation. [...]

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Racism is at the Root of Trump-World

America has always had a vile underbelly. In every era, a portion of the populace has embraced this underbelly—approximately 33%. These citizens, 99% White, seem to be perpetually immature and bereft of public ethics. Unfortunately, this underbelly of Trump-world denizens is embedded in America’s DNA. It was undoubtedly prominent among White citizens who championed “Manifest Destiny.” Under this perverse mantra, White Americans and their governments inflicted generations of land theft and cultural and bodily genocide against Native families. Yes, we are a country with the blood of genocide on our hands. The southern Confederacy was another searing example. Think of [...]

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This is How Fascism Starts in America

What is happening? Unidentified and uninvited federal troops are, apparently without warrants, harassing, beating, and detaining nonviolent protestors on the streets of Portland. Trump, abetted by fringe reactionaries like Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Trump Attorney Bill Barr and Homeland Security Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli, are also threatening to take their black shirt squads to other cities led by Democrats (like Chicago or Milwaukee.) The Lincoln Project ad rightly depicts these actions as “a President out of control” who will resort to any totalitarian measures to stay in power. “This is how it starts and this is how freedom dies,” the [...]

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#WhatMatters featuring Bubba Wallace

In our newest episode of What Matters, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace joins BLM’s Managing Director Kailee Scales. Together, they discuss Bubba’s experience as the sole Black driver in NASCAR’s top series.Kailee and Bubba explore how NASCAR banning the confederate flag has impacted the Black community and how the murder of George Floyd impacted Bubba personally. Bubba also shares his own journey with NASCAR and his efforts to engage more Black people to enjoy his sport. Note: This episode was recorded prior to a noose being discovered in Bubba’s racing stall that, unbelievably, nobody seems to be able to explain. But [...]

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New Black Lives Matter Video

This is our moment.In response to continuing state violence toward Black communities, we have taken to the streets and are demanding more from our neighbors and our elected officials. We can feel the energy shifting. Our voices have spread to every corner of our country and all across the globe -- and we’re only just getting started. We are making our voices heard. We are making ourselves seen. We are making our pain felt. And we are demanding the change we deserve. Our fight for liberty, justice, and freedom continues on, and together, we can -- and will -- transform. [...]

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Video: JoAnna Mendoza, Candidate for AZ Senate in LD11

JoAnna spoke at the July 15, 2020, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. She is a Democratic candidate for Senate in LD11, a red district. In this video, she discusses: Why she’s running Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic Funding public education Being a voice for the people of Legislative District 11 Anna Mendoza and her son JoAnna is a retired Marine, mom, and native Arizonan. She’s a small-town kid from a rural community, who grew up working in the cotton fields with her parents. She’s a proud product of government assistance programs like food stamps, section 8 housing, and [...]

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Joe Biden: To end systemic racism, no one can stay silent. No one can ignore injustice

In every corner of this country this weekend, George Floyd’s words, which were the words of Eric Garner before him, are echoing from millions of voices in our streets and in our hearts. “I can’t breathe.” And, Friday should have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday — a day she didn’t live to see. They are among the latest additions to an endless list of lives stolen and potential wiped out unnecessarily. This article was published in the Los Angeles Times. On Friday, in discussing a jobs report that made clear some 20 million Americans remain unemployed, Donald Trump said he [...]

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Video: Systemic Racism Explained

Systemic racism affects every area of life in the US. From incarceration rates to predatory loans, and trying to solve these problems requires changes in major parts of our system. Here's a closer look at what systemic racism is, and how we can solve it. Video by Act.TV. This video has been viewed 1,286,309 times.

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