President Biden Hits a Home Run in the State of the Union Address

In his State of the Union speech this evening, Joe Biden showed why he is the President of the United States. From his opening remarks stating "we’re finally together again" and "we meet tonight…as Americans,” to his closing comments "the only nation that can be defined by a single word possibilities" and "the State of the Union is strong because you the American People are strong…this is our moment," President Biden passionately: Honored the people of Ukraine and condemned the actions of Russia. Touted the many forward pieces of legislation that passed this last year. Called on the passage of more [...]

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Text of the State of the Union Address

March 1, 2022 PRESIDENT BIDEN: Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President and our first lady and second gentleman. Members of Congress and the cabinet. Justices of the Supreme Court. My fellow Americans. Last year, Covid-19 kept us apart. This year, we are finally together again. Tonight, we meet as Democrats, Republicans and Independents. But most importantly, as Americans. With a duty to one another, to America, to the American people, to the Constitution. And an unwavering resolve that freedom will always triumph over tyranny. Six days ago, Russia’s Vladimir Putin sought to shake the very foundations of the free world, thinking [...]

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Profiles in Cowardice

Republican politicians have been enabling Trump since day one of his Presidency. His statements before and during his Presidency have now totaled 29,508 false and misleading claims. (Washington Post and Fact Checker) But for some reason, this hasn't made a bit of difference to his followers or Republican lawmakers. For any other person running for office, something like the Access Hollywood tape would finish them. But not Trump. His hold on some of the American public was something not seen in politics often. Seditious Arizona Representatives who should be removed: David Schweikert, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, and Debbie Lesko. [...]

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Ward and Finchem Disgrace Themselves With Reactions to the Trump Coup Attempt

It is time for members of the Arizona Republican Party to decide what people they want to lead them. This article first appeared on the Blog for Arizona. In their reactions to the attempted insurrection by Trumpist mobs at the nation's capital, current Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward and Legislative District 11 State Representative Mark Finchem disgraced themselves and clearly showed that they should not be entrusted with any leadership positions. Check out Ms. Ward's social media posts on Twitter yesterday (January 6, 2021.) These examples especially stand out. This is simply horsesh*t. What could have prevented [...]

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Remember the GOP Plot Against Obama

Two writers recently had letters published in the Arizona Daily Star where one claimed Biden could destroy the country, while the other whined that Trump didn't deserve all the hate. One writer claimed Biden won because his voters hated Trump while ignoring his accomplishments. But of course, both writers completely forgot what Trump said in the past about President Obama and how the Republican Party from day one set out to destroy Obama's Presidency and make him a one-term President. The letter writer who claimed Trump didn't deserve all the hate conveniently forgot how many times Trump claimed the "birther" [...]

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Trump’s Concession Speech We All Deserve

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The Damage from an Incompetent, Devious, and Ambitious President

Commander Covid created the current period of uncertainty with his inability to understand that he lost the election and his desperate attempts to torque the outcome to his favor. In contrast, President-elect Joe Biden wishes to let bygones be bygones and "move forward" in the country's interests, unbound from partisan interests. I may overstate his benevolence toward the opposition, but I believe this is a dangerous approach if not moderated by reality. Over the past four years, Commander Covid and his minions have tried to manage the government, reward their friends, punish their enemies, and look after their personal financial [...]

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Acceptance Speech of President-Elect Joseph Biden

November 7, 2020 "My fellow Americans, the people of this nation have spoken. They have delivered us a clear victory. A convincing victory. A victory for 'We the People.' We have won with the most votes ever cast for a presidential ticket in the history of this nation - 74 million. I am humbled by the trust and confidence you have placed in me. I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify. Who doesn't see red and blue states, but a United States. And who will work with all my heart to win the [...]

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“The Ballots” May Save Us From The Madness of this Trump Administration

You may recall the president’s (AKA Commander Covid) fevered rant a few weeks ago about “the ballots” being rife with corruption, stolen votes, imaginary voters, and other outrages. He fabricates that they are all perpetrated by sinister Democratic sympathizers including, of course, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Well, it seems like the abuse and corruption didn’t amount to too much beyond some misplaced absentee ballots in one county in central Pennsylvania that was an honest mistake easily corrected. But the commander’s “ballots” rants continue to roil on through: Suspect USPS slowdowns The location of and numbers of drop-off sites organized [...]

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Share “Go From There” Biden Video with Your Friends

This Biden/Harris Campaign Ad, released during Game One of the World Series, may be one of the best closing ads in recent Presidential Campaign History. Called “Go from There,” this ad, narrated by actor Sam Elliot, shows a majestic and panoramic view of the American Landscape. Elliot, with the music of the Star-Spangled Banner playing in the background and video clips of Joe Biden mingling with voters, states: “There is only one America. No Democratic Rivers. No Republican Mountains. Just this great land and all that’s possible on it with a fresh start. Cures we can find. Futures we can [...]

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