Videos of Candidates and Speakers at Democrats of Greater Tucson

Democrats of Greater Tucson meets every Monday at Noon via Zoom. Visit the EVENTS page to see our upcoming speaker. Many thanks to Anne Simmons, our Video Production Editor, for editing the videos. If you are a candidate, elected official, and or community leader, you are invited to contact about speaking at DGT. For any other questions, contact DGT President Larry Bodine at  Rep. Andres Cano Demands a Justice Department Investigation of the Fraudit, July 12, 2021  Miranda Lopez: Redistricting is #1 Challenge for Democrats, July 5, 2021  LD10 Chair Diane Nevill: How to Organize to Elect Democrats, [...]

Tucson Councilman Paul Cunningham Wants to Raise Water Rates on the Suburbs

On his way to a school assembly where he teaches, City Councilman Paul Cunningham of Ward 2 discussed annexation, water, and the downtown Pancho Villa statue at the Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting on June 14, 2021. He reported that Tucson is "in good shape" when it comes to water supply, despite the Megadrought. Lake Mead, which is the city's water source, is at an all-time low. Cunningham strongly supports differential water rates -- raising water rates by $4 to $7 per month for suburban customers who live outside the city limits. He said 42% of water infrastructure is in [...]

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LD2 Representative Daniel Hernandez Aims for Congress in Tucson’s CD2

Arizona Representative Daniel Hernandez (D-LD2) states he has always wanted to help people since he was a small child. First, he wanted to help people by training in the medical profession. Later, the influence of former House Representative Gabby Giffords steered him toward assisting others through public service. Since 2017, Hernandez has served the people of LD2 Two and Grand Canyon State as a member of the Arizona House. In that time, he has supported and voted for measures to: Support democracy and the right to vote. Provide gun-free safety zones in schools. Safeguard water safety. Fund childcare services. Protect and increase rights [...]

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Mark Finchem Has a Lot of Explaining to Do About January 6

Do you know where your Arizona state representative was on January 6, 2021, when Trumpist domestic terrorists attempted an insurrection and stormed the Nation’s Capitol? The people who reside in LD 11 may be surprised to know that one of their state representatives, Mark Finchem apparently was closer to the attack than he professed to be at the time. Recent reporting by Jerold MacDonald-Evoy of the Arizona Mirror has relayed that footage obtained on social media showed the LD 11 State Representative and aspiring Secretary of State Candidate (God help us all) was steps away from the East Capitol pathway leading up to [...]

Andres Portela Aims to be a New Progressive Voice to the Tucson City Council

If elected to serve on Ward Six of the Tucson City Council, Andres Portela pledges "To give voice and power to those who have been neglected by the status quo because this is our home!" Furthermore, he envisions: "With housing becoming increasingly unaffordable and neighborhoods being left out of important discussions; we can't keep waiting on progressive changes from nonprogressive leadership. It's time for all of us to act!" Only 27, Mr. Portela has already served on various community and civic organizations including the City of Tucson, and as a Congressional Aide to Representative Ron Barber. Andres Portela with [...]

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Councilman Steve Kozachik Seeks to Continue to Serve the People of Ward Six

Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik wants to: Make your drinking water safe. Regulate the construction of 5G networks throughout Tucson. Protect historical buildings and small businesses on the Sunshine Mile Corridor. Expand the city recycling program and use the byproducts as tools in construction and landscaping. Serving Ward Six since 2009, Councilman Kozachik wants to continue to advocate for the people and defend their quality of life by winning reelection to the Tucson City Council. Councilman Kozachik took the time to discuss his candidacy for reelection. The questions and his responses are below. 1) Please tell the readers two reasons you [...]

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Akanni Oyegbola, South Tucson’s Acting Mayor

Akanni Oyegbola is the Acting Mayor of the City of South Tucson. Raised in Washington D.C., he has been a student, spokesperson, local politician aide, and small business owner. His legislative, planning, business, and political experiences bring an important balance to the City of South Tucson. South Tucson has been a city within Tucson since 1940. It is 1.2 square miles with a population of 6,500. South Tucson is known for being influenced by Hispanic culture in restaurants and shops which sell traditional other goods throughout the city. Akanni is a member of the City of South Tucson’s Social Services [...]

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Juan Padrés Wants to Bring a New Direction to the Tucson City Council

Fighting Poverty. Expanding Affordable Housing. Fostering Economic Development. Improving Transportation Infrastructure & Mobility. Lowering Tucson’s crime rate. These are the issues Juan Padrés will work on if elected to represent Ward 3 on the Tucson City Council. Experienced in working in both the private and public sector, Mr. Padrés said: “I am running for City Council because Ward Three needs a leader with vision, experience, integrity, compassion, and integrity.  I bring the proper tools and skillset to the table.  Together we can significantly improve the quality of life for all Tucsonans.”  Juan Padrés graciously took some time to discuss his candidacy [...]

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Joyce Jones-Ivey, on the Oro Valley Town Council, Welcomes Questions from the Public

Joyce Jones-Ivey has served on the Oro Valley Town Council since 2018. She is a retired nurse who proudly served patients for 42 years. She spoke about how to influence your local government at the May 17, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. She recommended that citizens visit the town website at, where elected officials and town departments are listed. People can attend the Community Academy to learn more about their community and local government from town staff and local experts. Residents can also attend the Citizen Academy, which gives the public information about the Oro Valley Police [...]

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Steve Kozachik, Tucson City Councilman on Reid Park, 5G Towers and Water Pollution

Video editing by Anne Simmons. Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik, representing Ward 6, said he favors saving the duck pond and Barnum Hill in Reid Park, in a new proposal to build a natural resource center with more trees, new water features, and ADA accessibility. He spoke at the April 26, 2021, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. "I support either B or C. Both got the highest number of votes. Both preserve our 4-year-old contract commitments, and both do not increase the cost beyond our ability to pull it off. Option G has up to a $25M added cost. [...]

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