Videos of Speakers at Democrats of Greater Tucson

To search, use Ctrl + F.  To candidates: If you are interested in speaking at a DGT meeting on Mondays at Noon, contact Program Director Mike Bryan via email: or phone (520) 425-5565. Please complete the Campaign Contact Information form.   The Benefits of Ranked Choice Voting by Jon Ralston of Voter Choice Arizona, December 19, 2022 Data Analyst Sam Almy Recaps the 2022 Early Vote, November 28, 2022 Pima Supervisor Rex Scott Analyzes the 2022 Election, November 21, 2022 Hilarious Editorial Cartoonist David Fitzsimmons Skewers the MAGA Candidates, November 14, 2022 Catherine Ripley: How Pima Community College is Adapting [...]

Pray for Ukraine and Support a Family

Click on the "Aid Ukraine" button at the top of this page, or visit to support six humanitarian organizations that are assisting refugees and others suffering during this horrific time. Pavel Kryshen A Ukrainian artist -- Pavel Kryshen -- has sent out a call for support for his Etsy shop, which carries digital images of the farmlands and flag of Ukraine. If you were looking to help, please visit his store: (Another way is to rent an Airbnb in Ukraine. Obviously, you won’t go there, but Airbnb is waiving all fees and the money goes directly to the [...]

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Sheriff Nanos on Rethinking the Role of Law Enforcement

Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos, who’s worked for the department for 32 years, spoke about the challenges facing local law enforcement at the January 24, 2022 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.  Police reform has become a hot-button topic in the United States over the past few years. Conversations over how to keep communities safe -- from both criminals and overly-aggressive officers -- have been frequent and passionate. There is quite a bit of data to suggest that communities are often safer when there is less police presence within them, contrary to popular belief. It’s possible that if we rethought [...]

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Laura Conover, Pima County Attorney, Illustrates Accomplishments in 2021 Annual Report

Pima County Attorney Laura Conover spoke to a meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson on January 31, 2022. She presented her 2021 annual report, which is available online at, covering the topics below. To jump to a particular point in the video, simply click the timestamp, below. 0:00 Introduction 1:21 Homicides 3:50 Paperless office 5:12 Salary increases 6:05 End death penalty 8:15 Training and hiring 9:41 Fraud unit 13:10 Victims' assistance 24.41 Cash bail 26:33 Homeless camps

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Donald Trump vs. the Constitution with Robert McWhirter on Aug. 17

As Trump claims to “make America great again,” he finds himself repeatedly bumping up against the greatest charter of government on earth: The United States Constitution. ​ Attorney Robert J. McWhirter discussed the president's repeated defiance of the Constitution answering questions like: What is the difference between Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump? Can Trump really cancel the election? Is Trump a traitor? What if Trump refuses to leave the white house if he loses the election? How many presidents have lost the popular vote but won in the Electoral College? Can Trump be indicted after he leaves office? [...]

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What’s Happening In Portland Should Concern Everyone

We want to update you on the situation on the ground in Portland, Oregon. Over this past week, militarized federal forces have escalated their violent attacks against the city's people. In response, the ACLU of Oregon immediately sued the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Marshal Service. Staff AttorneyACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project And we have no intention of backing down. Please read more on this unfolding crisis and our plans to hold those responsible for the brutality against protesters accountable. Since June, police have fired tear gas and other munitions into crowds gathered to protest [...]

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