Supervisor Rex Scott Targets Gun Pre-emption Law

Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott, representing District 1,  addressed critical topics in his talk to Democrats of Greater Tucson on August 23, 2022. Rex, a Democrat, was elected to represent District One in Tucson in 2020. Gun violence. Supervisor Scott is leading a challenge to the state law pre-empting local control of firearms. Taking a bold step for public safety, he led the Pima Supervisors to call for repealing a prohibition against local governments protecting their citizens from gun violence. If the “guns everywhere” law isn’t revoked, the County will ask a court to have it declared unconstitutional. The pre-emption [...]

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Supervisor Rex Scott Recaps Challenges of First 7 Months in Office Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott took office in January, at the height of the Covid pandemic, and immediately had to confront issues regarding evictions, childhood education, county roads, affordable housing, redistricting, and higher water prices. Speaking at the LD9 meeting on August 24, 2021, he recounted how he solved most of the issues. The hot potato was the controversial move by the city of Tucson to hike water rates unilaterally on June 22 on people living in unincorporated Pima County. The abrupt action kicked rates up to 40% higher per month for 400,000 people living outside the city. The Supervisors had [...]

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Marcos Ysmael: How to Find Help for Tenants Facing Eviction

Video editing by Anne Simmons. As the June 30 termination looms for the federal eviction moratorium, Marcos Ysmael, the Pima Country Housing Program manager, is acting to rescue Arizonians from eviction. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) might extend the moratorium on COVID-related evictions beyond June 30, he told Democrats of Greater Tucson at their April 19 meeting. Ysmael has 37 years of experience leading community development and housing programs. He is devoted to securing affordable homeownership and affordable rentals for Arizonans. Now, he's facing his biggest test yet: A pandemic-related recession that continues to force millions of [...]

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VIDEO: Miranda Schubert, Candidate for City Council, Ward 6, Calls for Housing Justice

Miranda Schubert is a candidate for Tucson City Council, Ward 6. She has been an academic advisor in Tucson for the past decade, now at the University of Arizona in the Department of Physiology. She is the chair of her department’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion working group and also a member of the Steering Committee for United Campus Workers of Arizona, Local 7065, a wall-to-wall union that includes workers from both ASU and the UA. Since 2016. The four points of her platform are: Bringing small, local businesses to Tucson. Pursuing community-centered construction. It is a privilege to build a [...]

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VIDEO: ‘Rebel Constable’ Kristen Randall Helps Tenants Facing Eviction

By A.J. Flick Even before the pandemic, there was a quiet revolution brewing among some Pima County constables, particularly how eviction notices are handled, which inspired former hydrologist Kristen Randall to run for constable. Constable Bennett Bernal led the revolution of “rebel constables.” “He told me there was a different way to do the job. He laid it out: ‘There’s the old way, a very law enforcement way to serve papers, but that’s not the way I do it,’ ” Randall told DGT members during the March 15 meeting. State law guides constables in their duties, Randall said, but within [...]

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Pima Supervisors Devote $2 Million to Avoid Tsunami of Evictions Coming April 1

UPDATE: The Board of Supervisors voted to direct up to $2 million to support legal defense costs for residents facing eviction, and it also entered into a new contract with several testing contractors to continue the county’s free COVID-19 testing program. The eviction defense motion, proposed by Supervisor Matt Heinz, will create a program funded by federal coronavirus relief money to provide eviction-related legal counsel for tenants while increasing marketing and outreach for eviction prevention clinics. The rapid approach of Wednesday, March 31, is causing dread, fear, and anxiety for thousands of people in our community. That is the day [...]

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