Marco Lopez, Dem Candidate for Governor, on Education, Jobs, Healthcare, and Guns

Edited by Anne Simmons. Marco Lopez is running for Governor in the Democratic Primary. He spoke at the June 21, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. He is: An international business consultantThe former mayor of Nogales, elected at age 22 right out of collegeFormer director of the Arizona department of Commerce appointed by Gov. Janet NapolitanoChief of US Customs and Border Protection during the Obama administration. In 2011, Marco started his own small business to bring investments to the U.S. His work has brought high-speed internet to low-income families, closing the digital divide. He also started the award-winning Skybridge [...]

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Dr. Randy Friese Aims to Succeed Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in Congress

With Ann Kirkpatrick announcing her retirement from Congress after the 2022 elections, Democratic candidates from the Tucson area and Arizona State Legislature have emerged to succeed her. One of these Democratic Candidates is Dr. Randy Friese. Dr. Randy Friese has been a consistent supporter of gun violence prevention. A member of the Arizona House of Representatives since 2015, Dr. Friese has served Legislative District Nine in Tucson. He is currently a member of the House Appropriations Committee and the House Health Committee. He has also been a member of the House Judiciary, and Government and Higher Education Committees. [...]

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Appeals Court: No 2nd Amendment Right to Carry a Gun in Public

Striking a blow for gun safety, the 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals ruled that the Second Amendment does not provide a right to carry a gun, concealed or openly, in public. The court reviewed more than 700 years of English and American legal history that gives the government the power to regulate arms in public. "The Second Amendment does not guarantee an unfettered, general right to openly carry arms in public for individual self-defense," the 9th Circuit ruled. "Accordingly, Hawai‘i’s firearms-carry scheme is lawful." The 11-judge court upheld a Hawaii state law that requires a license to carry a [...]

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America’s National Menace Kills 18 More Innocent Lives

How many of us were surprised about the recent killings of 18 people in Colorado and Georgia? How many thought, “well another mass shooting, but what can I do about it?” How many Arizona citizens remember that this March, the Arizona Senate panel gave the go-ahead for more people to bring loaded weapons into more places.   "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is not to sell the bad guy a gun." One measure approved by the Judiciary Committee would allow more than 390,000 Arizonans with permits to carry a concealed weapon into most public [...]

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County Leaders Support Gun Show Background Checks

Four  Pima County Supervisors, the new Pima County Attorney, and the new County Sheriff all support background checks at the Pima Gun Show, and oppose letting prohibited buyers get guns at the gun show. Citizens for a Safer Pima County is a grass-roots group formed several years ago, specifically to eliminate gun sales to prohibited buyers on public property (i.e., Pima County Fairgrounds). As a public service, CSPC has solicited input on two gun safety questions from 2020 candidates running for the Board of Supervisors, for County Sheriff and County Attorney. Here are the questions we asked, followed by the candidates’ responses: The [...]

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Tell the Supervisors: We Want Gun Background Checks at the Fairgrounds

During a surging pandemic, Crossroads of the West Gun Show returned to Pima County Fairgrounds last weekend. It brought together indoors hundreds of people, milling from tables of AR-15s, to shelves of revolvers, to racks of high capacity magazines and cases of AK-47s. But the truth is that this show has never been safe for the residents of Pima County. Because unlike a licensed gun store, a great many of the weapons bought here require no background check. It’s known as the Gun Show Loophole. Originally lawmakers intended it to cover “private sellers,” i.e., gun collectors and exchanges between family [...]

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WATCH: Domingo DeGrazia, Candidate for AZ Rep., District 10

Domingo DeGrazia is a Democratic Legislator in the Arizona House of Representatives, District 10. DeGrazia was elected in 2018. The youngest son of the artist Ted DeGrazia, his family has lived in Arizona for more than 100 years. His top issues are: Fighting for Arizona families through fully funded public education Passing consumer and biometric data privacy laws Cleaning up government He first ran for the Arizona House to fix the Department of Child Services statutes to better protect our state’s vulnerable youth. As a trial attorney representing families dealing with DCS, he saw firsthand how our [...]

CREDO Mobile: the Phone that Supports Progressive Causes

Every month, CREDO gives $150,000 to the progressive causes you care most about -- including the ACLU, Amnesty International, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Women's March, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Planned Parenthood, Brady: United Against Gun Violence and many more. CREDO Action is a nationwide social change network of 5 million activists, made possible by CREDO Mobile and its customers. The mobile phone service has donated $89 million since 1985 to organizations supporting economic justice, voting rights, climate justice, civil rights, and women's rights. Without CREDO Mobile and its customers, this impact wouldn’t be possible. Democrats should consider switching to the [...]

Chris Nanos Wants a Second Shot as Sheriff

Chris Nanos would like a second shot at serving as the Pima County Sheriff Position. Appointed in 2015 to complete the term of retiring Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, Nanos, a man with decades of law enforcement and executive management experience, became engulfed in an F.B.I. investigation of the department thanks to questionable acts by two leading deputies before his taking the position. No charges were filed against Nanos but the albatross of the investigation created an electoral opportunity for Republican Mark Napier to win in 2016 what he lost in 2012. Now four years later the Pima County Deputy Sheriff’s [...]

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Panic Buying of Guns Creates New Risks

Given the spike in gun sales we're seeing in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we've put together a toolkit to educate the public about the dangers of stockpiling weapons. I would love it if folks could amplify the message or record a #StopTheCoronavirusGunSurge video (last page of the toolkit). We've been following this fairly closely and so I'm attaching an update below on where things stand. Very few news stories include quotes highlighting the dangers of panic-buying weapons and it would be helpful to get more health care, responsible gun owner, and law enforcement voices into the mix. Guns Down America’s [...]

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