Katie Hobbs Describes How She Will Win in November and Her Plans when She Becomes the State’s Next Governor

Remember the old cliché that actions speak louder than words? Well, consider the actions the 2022 Arizona Democratic and Republican Gubernatorial Nominees took after winning in the primaries on August 2, 2022.  Photo from the Katie Hobbs for Governor Campaign Arizona Secretary of State and known problem solver Katie Hobbs embarked on a Solutions Can't-Wait Tour to the Salt River Indian Community, Tucson, and Yuma to speak with voters and discuss their concerns on the issues of the water crisis, economic growth for small businesses, and women’s reproductive freedom and right to choose. Former news anchor and current Trump Republican-Big [...]

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Aaron Lieberman for Governor: “We Can Have Great Schools and a Great Economy”

State Representative Aaron Lieberman (D-LD28) declared his intention to work across the aisle on issues of education, climate change, and voting rights if elected as Governor of Arizona. He spoke at the October 18, 2021, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. "I'm running for governor fundamentally because I think our politics are broken and that our leaders have not been stepping up to the challenge," he opened, going on to explain how the current political and socio-economic landscape has influenced him. "For me, when we should have been coming together, it often feels like we're pulling apart from each other. [...]

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Get a Look at Arizona’s Future Governor

The East Valley Partnership recently held a forum for the candidates from both parties for Arizona's Governorship in 2022. Of those aspiring to the Republican nomination, Matt Salmon, Steve Gaynor, Kimberly Yee, and Karrin Taylor Robson were in attendance. Kari Lake claimed a scheduling conflict and did not appear. Unfortunate, as I was keen to see her fatuously call for Hobbs' arrest to her face. All of the announced candidates for the Democratic nomination were present, including Katie Hobbs, Aaron Lieberman, and Marco Lopez, Jr. I have to admit that there were very few surprises in the presentations and answers [...]

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Governor Candidate Katie Hobbs says the Maricopa Fraudit is “a Sham”

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said she will issue a damning report about the Maricopa County election fraudit within two weeks. "This is nothing more than a grift and a sham," she said at the July 26, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Her office has hired independent election observers since May 24 to visit the Maricopa fraudit and write their daily observations. "We are going to be coming out with a report in the next couple of weeks that really encapsulates all of that. Look, no matter what they come up with, this isn't a real audit [...]

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Aaron Lieberman’s Private and Public Experience Positions Him to be Arizona Governor

Legislative District 28 State Representative Aaron Lieberman’s career as an educator, entrepreneur, and legislator has demonstrated that he is dedicated to helping people by looking for ways to collaborate with others to solve problems. As a member of the Arizona State House, Representative Lieberman has supported: Protecting voting rights for all Arizonans. Promoting public safety. Protecting the environment. Helping the most vulnerable like wanting an expansion of KidsCare, increased funding for childcare, and additional monies for affordable housing. Fully funding education. Civil Rights Protections for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender orientation, or sexual preference. This article first appeared [...]

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Marco Lopez, Dem Candidate for Governor, on Education, Jobs, Healthcare, and Guns

Edited by Anne Simmons. Marco Lopez is running for Governor in the Democratic Primary. He spoke at the June 21, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. He is: An international business consultantThe former mayor of Nogales, elected at age 22 right out of collegeFormer director of the Arizona department of Commerce appointed by Gov. Janet NapolitanoChief of US Customs and Border Protection during the Obama administration. In 2011, Marco started his own small business to bring investments to the U.S. His work has brought high-speed internet to low-income families, closing the digital divide. He also started the award-winning Skybridge [...]

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Dems Dominate in Pima County with Historic Wins

Now it can be said: Democrats in Pima County clobbered Republicans in the election. It was a historic win for education, diversity, and criminal justice. To wit: Democrats expanded their majority on the Board of Supervisors to 4 to 1. Public education won up and down the ballot. Democrats won 5 out of 6 Pima countywide elected offices. There was a massive Democratic turnout -- 80% of Democrats voted across Pima County, and in some precincts 95%. Voters elected the most diverse group of candidates in Pima County history to fill countywide offices — exemplified top vote-getter Gabriella Cázares-Kelly for [...]

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Are Ducey and Republicans Headed for the Woodshed in November?

Gov. Ducey had better start paying attention because by all indications a train wreck is coming for him and elected Republicans in November. Since being elected he seems to have been able to fool all the voters some of the time, but because of his record you cannot fool all the voters all the time. If predictions hold true that Mark Kelly will unseat Martha McSally, Arizona will have two Democratic Senators both on Ducey’s watch and both seats lost by Ducey’s handpicked candidate Martha McSally. It seems when Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different [...]

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