Environmental Activist Lauren Kuby for Arizona Corporation Commissioner

Environmental activist Lauren Kuby, a Democrat running for the Arizona Corporation Commission, kicked off the first Discussion for Democracy program, presented by the Pima County Democratic Party. Our host, Larry Bodine, President of Democrats of Greater Tucson, interviewed Kuby about efforts to increase sustainable energy sources. Lauren Kuby is a two-term Tempe council member, former vice mayor of Tempe, and a senior sustainability scientist at Arizona State University. She is an advocate for fair, equitable worker protections as well as social, economic, and environmental justice. She led Tempe’s Dark Money ballot initiative and created the Tempe Sustainability Commission.

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Ed Beshore and Jane Conlin: Fight Climate Change with a Price on Carbon and Dividend

The co-leaders of the Tucson chapter of the Citizen's Climate Lobby, Ed Beshore and Jane Conlin, addressed a Democrats of Grater Tucson Salon, held on April 28, 2022. For further research: A comparison of carbon pricing proposals (Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy) https://energypolicy.columbia.edu/sites/default/files/pictures/CGEP_BipartisanEnergyInnovationandCarbonDividendAct_FINAL_NOV18.pdf Household Impact Study (Kevin Ummel) https://citizensclimatelobby.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Ummel-Impact-of-CCL-CFD-Policy-v1_4.pdf Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act https://energyinnovationact.org Resources for the Future Carbon Price Page https://www.rff.org/topics/carbon-pricing/ Luntz survey looking into support for a carbon dividends plan https://www.clcouncil.org/media/Luntz-Carbon-Dividends-Polling-May-20-2019-FINAL.pdf How to talk about the climate with others https://preserve.nature.org/page/85597/data/1?locale=en-US Dr. Jennifer Carman | Yale Climate Connections https://youtu.be/olylv8Cn8N0 Border Adjustments (Niskanan Center) https://www.niskanencenter.org/border-adjustments-in-a-carbon-tax/

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Speak in Favor of Pending Bills that Support Electric Cars

There are some good bills and some bad bills being heard in committees at the State Legislature starting Monday. Some of the good measures support electric vehicles (EVs).  I recommend you use the Request to Speak. Bills have to go through committees before they can be heard and voted on the floor of the House or Senate. Sometimes, just sometimes, we can stop harmful bills from going to a vote on the House or Senate floor by killing them in committee. One way to do that is to weigh in on the Request to Speak system on the Arizona State [...]

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Sandra Kennedy Pushes for Clean Energy on the Arizona Corporation Commission

Contribute to Sandra's Clean Elections Re-Election: Campaign:https://secure.actblue.com/donate/ken... Sign Sandra's Petition and Contribute: https://go.azsos.gov/q6mjhttps://go.azsos.gov/q59v Turning Arizona Green Sandra Kennedy, a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, said the agency is getting Arizona off fossil fuels. She spoke at the December 22, 2021, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Solar panels Kennedy said she spoke to Tucson City Council members, asking, "Can you encourage new developers to put in solar panels and battery back up? If you are doing new development, can you encourage the developers to put in battery backup or some renewable energy so that people can benefit from it?" [...]

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Climate Scientist tells PCDP that Fossil Fuel Companies Spent 30 Years Fighting Climate Action

Dr. Michael Mann, a renowned climate scientist, spoke at a recent event by the Pima County Democratic Party focusing on climate change. Dr. Mann showed us how fossil fuel companies have waged a thirty-year campaign to deflect blame and responsibility and delay action on climate change. We heard his battle plan for how we can save the planet. Sandra Kennedy of the Arizona Corporation Commission, spoke about her agency's actions to fight climate change. In May, the commissioners voted to advance and amend Arizona's energy rules that will move the state to 100% carbon-free energy by 2070. Learn more at [...]

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Climate Scientist Exposes Deceptions by Fossil Fuel Industry

Scientist Michael Mann has a four-point battle plan to fight climate change. Today, fossil fuel companies are using disinformation and deceptive tactics to block actions against climate change – and keep their profits flowing – according to a leading climate scientist. They are harnessing the anti-science playbooks of the tobacco and gun industry playbooks. Michael Mann, a Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State University, reveals that fossil fuel companies, right-wing partisans, and oil-funded governments have used "an array of powerful Ds: disinformation, deceit, divisiveness, deflection, delay, despair-mongering, and doomism." Meanwhile, "A clean energy revolution and climate [...]

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The 4 Priorities of Congressional Candidate Kirsten Engel

State Senator Kirsten Engel outlined her four priorities for US Congress at the May 31, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. "What do I see as my priorities? What am I going to work on in Congress? I would say there are four top priorities. "My top priority is building an economy that works for everyone through investments in hard and social infrastructure. And I think that this will enable us to expand our economy, safeguard our natural resources, fight climate change, and put people to work. And I would say that that investment in hard infrastructure is important. [...]

Activist Kevin Dahl, Candidate for City Council, on Protecting our National Parks and Environment

Kevin Dahl, an environmental activist who spent his career protecting National Parks, said that Ward 3 voters asked him to run for City Council to focus on climate change in Tucson. "We need to protect those most at risk," he said. "Parts of Ward 3 are seriously affected." Ward 3 is bounded by River Road to the north, Swan Road at the East, Grant Road to the South, and Silverbell Road to the West. He spoke at the February 15, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. "Climate change is a horrible threat to our Saguaros and the [...]

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In Her Own Words: Kamala Harris Rallies Tucson for Joe Biden

In the spirit of the late great John McCain, I was thinking, let's start with a little straight talk. Now, you know, there has been some talk about my values. Well, let me just tell you, Tucson. I am a proud patriotic American. I love my country. And our values reflect the values of America. Our values tell us we have witnessed the worst, the biggest disaster of any presidential administration in this country's history. Our values tell us that. Our values tell us that we should not be in a moment where over 225,000 people have died in [...]

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Educator and Community Stalwart Rex Scott is Running for Pima Supervisor, District 1

This article first appeared on the Blog for Arizona Rex Scott has been part of the Pima County Community since 1991. A teacher, assistant principal, and principal in the local area,  Scott, who also served as a City Council Member when he lived in Athens, Ohio, wants to take this professional experience and utilize it as the next District One Pima County Board Supervisor. If elected this November, Scott, a former Republican and Independent before becoming a Democrat 16 years ago, vows to be a bipartisan public servant who is a “fair, objective representative for all the people [...]

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