Pima Supervisor Rex Scott Analyzes the 2022 Election

Rex Scott, the Pima County Supervisor from District 1, spoke at the Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting on November 21, 2022. Following is an edited transcript of his remarks. Highlights: Trump-endorsed extremists lost. The Republicans have eviscerated Clean Elections. Younger voters turned out for Democrats. With Hobbs as Governor, Democrats will seek action on public education, infrastructure, and water policy. CD6 Congressional candidate Kirsten Engel was outspent by her Republican opponent 10 to 1. Leave no Republican unchallenged -- no more "single shot" campaigns Need more DCCC support Democrats really benefitted from multi-candidate GOP primaries for Governor, United States Senator, [...]

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Hilarious Editorial Cartoonist David Fitzsimmons Skewers the MAGA Candidates

Cartoonist and Editorial Writer for The Arizona Daily Star, Fitz spoke at the November 14, 2022, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. He is syndicated to more than 700 news publications. He has been an Editorial Cartoonist and Writer for the Star since 1986. Known as the “Fastest draw west of the Potomac,” he also refers to himself as a “flaming moderate at the fringe of America’s center.” He started drawing in first grade and went on to compose 11,000 caricatures and editorial cartoons. He drew for school, underground and college newspapers. After earning his degree in graphic design, he [...]

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Young Democrat James Cerasia on Engaging Young Voters

Law student James Cerasia, who is the Chair of the Pima County Young Democrats Task Force, spoke at the Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting on October 31, 2022. At age 26, he described the challenges young voters face in finding a job, borrowing huge sums for college, being denied a home loan because of student debt, dealing with landlords who have inordinate power over tenants and losing personal and reproductive rights. James is running to be the Recording Secretary of the Pima County Democratic Party. He is in his final year of law school at the University of Arizona James [...]

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Ron Barber: Push Back on Election Violence

Ron Barber warned about election violence and disinformation at the October 17, 2022, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Former US House member Ron Barber is leading a cross-partisan initiative — the Democracy Resilience Network — to push back on election disinformation and violence targeting voters at the polls. “Our democracy is in serious danger, and these networks will help restore trust and confidence in our elections,” Barber says. “We believe that the vast majority of Americans share these concerns and will respond favorably to credible and trusted messengers.” Ron co-leads the Arizona Network with Don Henninger, a moderate Republican from Scottsdale, [...]

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Sanda Clark: This Election is About Democracy or Fascism

Sanda Clark of Green Valley, the lone Democrat running in rural LD19, spoke at the October 24, 2022 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. “To me, this election is not about Democrats or Republicans. In this election, the choice between democracy or autocracy and fascism, and we need to call Republican candidates for what they are: they’re fascists,” Clark said. And she should know, having spent the first 14 years of her life in a dictatorship in Romania. "So for me, this is a must-win election for our future, for our children's future, for this planet's future, for decency for [...]

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It’s the Last Stand for Democracy

Come back, America. Stand up and speak out! Silence is tantamount to selling this country outright. It is our civic duty to vote, to come together and expose wrongdoing, to hold our leaders and controlling special interests accountable. I made my living as an ethical journalist for 20 years, and I resent right-wing lies and disinformation. Unfortunately, we have a trio of election deniers running in Arizona with every intention of tossing out votes they don't get. Republican candidates Kari Lake, Mark Finchem, and Abe Hamadeh are dangerous. Kari Lake to eliminate Democracy At the top of the heap, Trump-loving [...]

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Re-Elect Tom O’Halleran

Congressman Tom O'Halleran spoke at the October 3, 2022 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

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Democratic Candidates for Nov. 8 Election — Vote a Straight Democratic Ticket

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Trump Extremists Behind Harassment of Save Our Schools Petitions

Hecklers have been harrassing volunteers collecting signatures for the Stop Voucher Expansion petitions at libraries & business locations. They carry signs that say "Decline to Sign." "I never in all the years that we have been working on initiative campaigns have we ever seen a coordinated effort like this. We usually see it in lawsuits after being successful," said Tamar Rala Kreiswirth of  The AZ Ground Game (TAGG). So, who is behind the opposition to the Stop Universal Vouchers initiative? The Goldwater Institute (pays for the DeclineToSign.com website) and Betsy Devos’ group, American Federation for Children pays for Power2Parents.org. Their harassers are: Disrupting signature [...]

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Adrian Fontes on Defeating Jan6er Oath Keeper Mark Finchem’s Election Lies

On the former party of Lincoln’s side, we have Trump Republican, a supporter of The Big Lie, and January 6th, 2021 participant, Mark Finchem. On the Democratic side, we have a former Marine, a subscriber to reality, and Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian Fontes. This article first appeared on the Blog for Arizona. In his first interview with Blog For Arizona since gaining the Democratic nomination, Mr. Fontes graciously sat down and discussed how he was going to prevail in the November elections and conduct himself in office. The questions and Mr. Fontes’ responses are below. 1) Please tell the voters at [...]

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