Consuelo Hernandez Running for Supervisor of District 5 in Pima County

This article appeared earlier on the Blog for Arizona, The election to succeed the late progressive icon Richard Elias as the next Supervisor of Pima County District Five features candidates from two local political families. Consuelo Hernandez, the sister of State Legislators Alma and Daniel Hernandez is one of them. Ms. Hernandez, a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Global Health Science, has been an education activist as a member of the Sunnyside School Board. Realizing the importance of local government, she will, if elected as the next Supervisor of Pima County District Five, [...]

The Oasis Takes Care of Our Feathered Friends

More than 450 parrots, cockatoos, macaws, and other tropical birds have found a retirement home at The Oasis Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization located near Benson, AZ, dedicated to the rescue and life time sanctuary care of parrots living in captivity. The Oasis is working to raise $25,000 by April 7. Its goals are: To provide permanent Sanctuary to any Psittacines (parrot-type birds). To develop and build naturalistic habitats (free-flights) for the birds. To continue working with bona fide avian and animal welfare organizations in an effort to ensure that every parrot in captivity has a safe and loving home. To educate the [...]

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Koch network causes the nation’s lack of trust in government

Communities around the world have been deeply impacted by the recent public health crisis surrounding the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. We are no exception. Our students, faculty, and community organizers are experiencing the reverberations in devastating ways. Early university and college closures mean low-income students, faculty with nontenured contracts, and campus workers are feeling the compounded consequences of higher education's trends of privatization. Already overworked and under-resourced K12 educators are scrambling to provide equitable ongoing education to their students while worrying if some of them have food to eat for lunch. Families are scared for those [...]

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An Educator’s View of the New State Budget

The Legislature passed an $11.8 billion ‘skinny’ contingency budget and has adjourned until April 13. There are both good and not so good included in the details of what was passed. Public education will be receiving funding to support all staff throughout school closures. This will allow our teachers to work on lesson plans for online learning and to prepare packets for those without access to the internet. Bus drivers will deliver meals to designated areas and staff will prepare materials for students at home. Other departments will work from home. The budget also includes the remaining 5% for teachers’ [...]

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