Steve Diamond, Candidate for Dist. 4 Pima Supervisor, Aims to Oust Anti-Science Incumbent

In a year that indicates a Blue Wave may be coming, the trends are good news to the Democratic candidate Steve Diamon, candidate for District Four Supervisor. A labor activist who is a pragmatic problem-solver who believes in promoting inclusiveness and equity, being accessible and transparent,  forging just consensus and building forward, Diamond believes “that strong local communities where we care for each other and uplift each other are our best hope for ensuring that future (for our country.) If elected, Diamond would concentrate on: Helping the residents of Pima County get through the COVID 19 pandemic. Protecting the environment. [...]

VIDEO: Catherine Ripley, candidate for Pima Community College Board

Catherine Ripley, who is a candidate for Pima County Community College (PCC) Governing Board, spoke about educational priorities at the Sept. 21, 2020 meeting of the Democrats of Greater Tucson. She is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at PCC, and also a former Naval Officer, US Diplomat, and business executive. Further information is online at Among the problems at PCC that she addressed is the drop in enrollment from 70,000 students to 22,000 students. She asserts that the college does little followup and poor tracking to help students get into school and stay in school. She [...]

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If You Knew Betsy Devos…

To understand Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, it is helpful to know about her background and her agenda. Amazingly, it does not directly flow from her boss, Donald J. Trump. She's wealthy.  Her life has been one of wealth through her own family and the one she married into.  Her father was a billionaire; her husband is a billionaire (her husband's father started Amway). Fun fact: her brother is Erik Prince of Blackwater notoriety; that's the private security contracting firm accused of both overbilling and human rights abuses during the Iraq War. She's religious. Key to understanding DeVos' thinking [...]

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WATCH Connie DeLarge & Paul Taylor of the African American Caucuses

  Connie DeLarge, Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party African American Caucus, says, “We have people in our current Administration trying to take us back to the ’50s. Voter suppression is on the rise, you have states kicking people off the voting roles, states making it harder for us to register to vote with stricter voter ID laws and that is just the attack on Voting Rights. I am in this fight for the soul of our Nation and the sake of kids and grandkids,” Connie says. In 2006, the Arizona Democratic Party African American Caucus was formed and she [...]

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Take it from a Teacher — Vote YES on Prop. 208, Invest In Ed

Back in 2008-2009, Arizona was slammed by the impact of our national recession. Leaders had to determine the best and most efficient ways of balancing our state budget. Our governor, Doug Ducey, decided to put this massive load on the backs of our children and teachers. Public education – both K-12 and higher education – were the victims he selected to take the brunt of the hit. We have still not recovered. Personally, I was affected by this devastating evisceration of public education. In 2009 I was a special education teacher in the Cave Creek school district. I had just [...]

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WATCH: Progressive Pam Powers Hannley Hits the Hot Issues

Pamela Powers Hannley, State Rep. for LD9, presented a comprehensive, bright progressive future for Arizona at the Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting on Aug. 24, 2020. Powers Hannley was elected to the Arizona House to serve Legislative District 9 in 2016, and she is running for her third term. Among many topics, Rep. Hannley discussed: Economic and public health challenges facing the Legislature in January 2021; Envisioning a more just post-COVID19 world; and Why Arizona and the US need a Blue Wave in November 2020 to have any chance of building a more just world. As a member [...]

Help Teachers Defeat Koch-Backed Cuts

The devastating economic crash due to the coronavirus pandemic has created huge budget shortfalls in every state.  Estimates show revenue allocated to education will drop from 15% to 30% next year.  For comparison, during the Great Recession (2010), education revenue only decreased by 8.6%.  A 20% reduction will cause the loss of 6,500 teaching jobs in Arizona in 2021.  A 30% reduction will mean over 10,000 lost teaching positions! At the same time that revenues are falling, schools have new COVID-related expenses, for example: disinfection supplies and personnel, free meals for more students, digital devices and internet connections for remote [...]

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Video: JoAnna Mendoza, Candidate for AZ Senate in LD11

JoAnna spoke at the July 15, 2020, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. She is a Democratic candidate for Senate in LD11, a red district. In this video, she discusses: Why she’s running Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic Funding public education Being a voice for the people of Legislative District 11 Anna Mendoza and her son JoAnna is a retired Marine, mom, and native Arizonan. She’s a small-town kid from a rural community, who grew up working in the cotton fields with her parents. She’s a proud product of government assistance programs like food stamps, section 8 housing, and [...]

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AZ Democratic Party Endorses “Invest In Education” Ballot Initiative

This weekend, the Arizona Democratic Party endorsed Invest in Education, a ballot initiative that will restore hundreds of millions in K-12 public education funding annually. Invest in Education will fill over 1,800 teacher vacancies; hire and increase the pay of teachers, aides, counselors; and increase career and technical education funding. You can read the full initiative text here. The first step to passing Invest in Education is qualifying for the ballot in November. We only have 28 days until the petition filing deadline, and we need your help. Safely sign the Invest in Education petition at a petition station near [...]

See her now: Adelita Grijalva, Pima Supervisor Candidate, District 5

Tucson Unified School District Board member Adelita Grijalva is running for Pima County Supervisor in District 5, which covers mostly west Tucson, as well as parts of midtown and the south side. Grijalva is the daughter of Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva, who also served as a Pima County Supervisor and TUSD board member. She presented an engaging video and also answered questions about : ● Recovery for Pima County and a transition back to our “new” normal. ● Support and expansion of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. ● Creating and expanding collaborative relationships to create opportunities that our [...]

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