Catherine Ripley: How Pima Community College is Adapting to Dramatic Shifts in the World

Catherine Ripley, the Chair of the Pima County Community College governing board, spoke at Democrats of Greater Tucson on November 7, 2022. She spotlighted dramatic changes, like the decline in high school graduations, college enrollment and the birth rate. Today's graduates want an education to get a job now.  With the average cost of college tuition for in-state students at $24,000 in Arizona, students have a growing skepticism about the value of a college degree. In-state tuition and fees at public national universities have grown the most, increasing 175% in recent years. "Indeed, gathering the fundamentals of humanity, civilization, philosophy, [...]

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Trump Extremists Behind Harassment of Save Our Schools Petitions

Hecklers have been harrassing volunteers collecting signatures for the Stop Voucher Expansion petitions at libraries & business locations. They carry signs that say "Decline to Sign." "I never in all the years that we have been working on initiative campaigns have we ever seen a coordinated effort like this. We usually see it in lawsuits after being successful," said Tamar Rala Kreiswirth of  The AZ Ground Game (TAGG). So, who is behind the opposition to the Stop Universal Vouchers initiative? The Goldwater Institute (pays for the website) and Betsy Devos’ group, American Federation for Children pays for Their harassers are: Disrupting signature [...]

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Save Our Schools Arizona Leads the Fight to Stop Private School Voucher Expansion

Gov. Ducey cannot stop hyping the Universal Voucher Expansion Law that he signed ten days after the end of the Arizona Legislative Session. Saying “this is a monumental moment for all of Arizona’s students. Our kids will no longer be locked in underperforming schools. Today, we’re unlocking a whole new world of opportunity for them and their parents,” Mr. Ducey left out a lot of recent history, including: This law defies the will of the Arizona voters, who have already voted down an earlier version of voucher expansion. That should not be surprising because Ducey, the Republicans at the Arizona [...]

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Videos of Speakers at Democrats of Greater Tucson

To search, use Ctrl + F. Many thanks to Anne Simmons, our Video Production Editor, for editing the videos.  To candidates: If you are interested in speaking at a DGT meeting on Mondays at Noon, contact Program Director Mike Bryan via email: or phone (520) 425-5565. Please complete the Campaign Contact Information form.   Camaron Stevenson, Managing Editor of the Copper Courier, September 19, 2022 Kirsten Engel Campaigns to Restore Abortion Rights in Congress, September 12, 2022 Pima County Attorney Laura Conover, September 5, 2022 Supervisor Rex Scott Targets Gun Pre-emption Law, August 22, 2022 Councilman Kozachik on Water, Toxic Chemicals [...]

Put the Surplus into Public Education, say LD16 Candidates Keith Seaman and Taylor Kerby

Democratic LD16 Candidates Taylor Kerby and Keith Seaman argued forcefully that the state's $5 Billion surplus should be plowed into the public school budgets. They spoke at the April 25, 2022 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Keith Seaman is from Casa Grande and seeks a seat in the state House. He is Vice President of the Coolidge Unified District School Board and a delegate to the Arizona School Board Association. Keith Seaman Facebook: Seaman4house16 email: Twitter: Instagram: seamanhouse16web Taylor Kerby teaches 6th Grade at the Grande Innovation Academy in Casa Grande. A lifelong Arizonan, Taylor graduated [...]

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Superintendent Dustin Williams Sounds Alarm on Republican Attacks Against AZ Education

Pima Schools Superintendent Dustin Williams decried the "full-on assault" on education by Republican legislators. He spoke at the March 14, 2022 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. To play the video and read a follow-along transcript, just click the little arrow button  at the bottom left. To view it full screen, just click the square button  at the bottom right. Enjoy! “Between January and April, you're going to have about 1,500 to 1,700 bills flow through Arizona. And the big picture, from what we see happening and from my expertise of what I’ve observed, is you do have a full-on assault in [...]

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It’s Time for Democrats to Take Over the Legislature

Michael Bryan, the founder of Blog for Arizona and Larry Bodine, President of Democrats of Greater Tucson, appeared on the March 12, 2022, edition of the John C. Scott Political Forum on KVOI radio, 1040 on the AM channel. Audio Player Broadcaster John C. Schott, host of the John C. Scott Political Forum every Saturday at 3 pm on KVOI radiom 1030 AM. John C. Scott: You’re listening to the John C. Scott political forum. Larry Bodine: If there ever was a time to get active in local politics. It’s right now. This is Larry Bodine, President [...]

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Anti-School Bills in the Arizona Legislature

The Republican state Legislature is leading the "egregious destruction of education," according to Dustin Williams, Pima County School Superintendent, who spoke at the March 3, 2022 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. He discussed several pending bills that use "the tactics of fear" on what can be taught in school. Dustin Williams, Pima County School Superintendent SB1138 would limit transgender students from expressing their gender identity in school bathrooms, school classrooms and school sports. Bill text: News article: SB1165 would prevent transgender girls in grades K-12 from playing on girls' sports teams. Dubbed the “Save Women’s [...]

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Positions of the Arizona Association of County School Superintendents on 90+ AZ Bills

House Bills H2008                  Civics Instruction                                                                        Neutral/No Position H2009                  Violation of State Law                                                               Neutral/No Position H2019                  Paid Governing Board Members                                          Oppose H2026                  Literacy Endorsements                                                             Support H2027                  CTED Revisions                                                                            Support H2034                  CTED Associate Degrees                                                            Support H2039                  Live, Remote Instruction                                                            Support, w/ Grant Exemption H2040                  ESA Notification                                                                          Support H2077                  Candidates, Electronic Signatures                                        Support H2086                  Immunizations                                                                            Neutral/No Position H2109                  Tobacco Industry Limits                                                             Support H2112                  CRT Restrictions                                                                          Neutral/No Position H2114                  Define Gross Mismanagement (AACSS BILL)                  W/D for the year H2117                  Transportation Support Level, CTEDs                                    Support H2118                  Alternative Schools                                                                    Neutral/No Position [...]

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Kathy Hoffman, seeking Re-election as AZ School Superintendent, Overcomes Major Challenges

Kathy Hoffman, Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction, described her campaign for reelection and the state of education in Arizona. She covered Covid and schools, teaching about racism in school, attacks on school boards, funding public education, and a scandal-ridden Republican challenger. She spoke at the November 8, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. She is the first teacher and the first Democrat to be elected as the Superintendent. Superintendent Hoffman has spent her entire career working in public schools, first as a preschool teacher and later as a speech-language pathologist. She has fought for equal access to high-quality public [...]

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