Marcos Ysmael: How to Find Help for Tenants Facing Eviction

As the June 30 termination looms for the federal eviction moratorium, Marcos Ysmael, the Pima Country Housing Program manager, is acting to rescue Arizonians from eviction. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) might extend the moratorium on COVID-related evictions beyond June 30, he told Democrats of Greater Tucson at their April 19 meeting. Ysmael has 37 years of experience leading community development and housing programs. He is devoted to securing affordable homeownership and affordable rentals for Arizonans. Now, he's facing his biggest test yet: A pandemic-related recession that continues to force millions of renters and their families to [...]

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Running for Congress in CD2, Kirsten Engel Seeks a Thriving Economy and Infrastructure Development

Arizona State Senator Kirsten Engel (D-LD10) has an impressive resume that checks all boxes as a Democratic Congressional Candidate looking to succeed the retiring Ann Kirkpatrick in 2022. Senator Engel has been: A staff attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency. A staff attorney for the Sierra Club. The acting chief of the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Division. Visiting Associate Law Professor at Vanderbilt, University of California, and Harvard. Professor of Law/Environmental Law at the University of Arizona (a position she still holds.) Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Arizona from 2012 to 2015 A member of the Arizona State [...]

Demanding a Budget for our Total Community Town Hall

Stop ThiefAZ brings together voices of leaders who advocate on social, cultural, economic & political issues by informing voters how these issues directly affect our lives and offering opportunities to make a difference. Join this event at ZOOM: Password: 849559 Or Telephone: 816 423 4261 Conference code: 507066 FACEBOOK page: SHARE with Partners

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What’s Next for Dems After the American Rescue Act

Public opinion polls tell us that President Biden’s vast rescue plan, the American Rescue Act, is quite popular—backed by over ¾ of the public, including a clear majority of people who say they are Republicans. Why, then, are the so-called Republican “leaders” -- members of Congress—not taking advantage of an opportunity to support the bill as it moves toward final passage? I have two theories: First, they are afraid of their party’s anger, and its shrinking base that remains wedded to the former president’s hateful and divisive politics. The “big lie” is that he actually won the election, and a [...]

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The Economic Time Bomb Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Now that Biden has been elected President, the Democratic Party had better prepare for the Republicans in Congress suddenly turning into deficit hawks. While the King of Debt Trump was in office, debt was good because deficits didn't matter. Just ask former Vice President Dick Cheney when former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill warned Cheney "that growing budget deficits -- expected to top $500 billion this fiscal year alone” -- posed a threat to the economy. Cheney cut him off, saying, "You know, Paul, Reagan proved deficits don't matter." This time Democrats have more to contend with than just deficits. Such [...]

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In Her Own Words: Kamala Harris Rallies Tucson for Joe Biden

In the spirit of the late great John McCain, I was thinking, let's start with a little straight talk. Now, you know, there has been some talk about my values. Well, let me just tell you, Tucson. I am a proud patriotic American. I love my country. And our values reflect the values of America. Our values tell us we have witnessed the worst, the biggest disaster of any presidential administration in this country's history. Our values tell us that. Our values tell us that we should not be in a moment where over 225,000 people have died in [...]

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Educator and Community Stalwart Rex Scott is Running for Pima Supervisor, District 1

This article first appeared on the Blog for Arizona Rex Scott has been part of the Pima County Community since 1991. A teacher, assistant principal, and principal in the local area,  Scott, who also served as a City Council Member when he lived in Athens, Ohio, wants to take this professional experience and utilize it as the next District One Pima County Board Supervisor. If elected this November, Scott, a former Republican and Independent before becoming a Democrat 16 years ago, vows to be a bipartisan public servant who is a “fair, objective representative for all the people [...]

Steve Diamond, Candidate for Dist. 4 Pima Supervisor, Aims to Oust Anti-Science Incumbent

In a year that indicates a Blue Wave may be coming, the trends are good news to the Democratic candidate Steve Diamon, candidate for District Four Supervisor. A labor activist who is a pragmatic problem-solver who believes in promoting inclusiveness and equity, being accessible and transparent,  forging just consensus and building forward, Diamond believes “that strong local communities where we care for each other and uplift each other are our best hope for ensuring that future (for our country.) If elected, Diamond would concentrate on: Helping the residents of Pima County get through the COVID 19 pandemic. Protecting the environment. [...]

SEE: Chad Campbell on Vote “YES” on Prop. 207 to Legalize Marijuana

 Chad Campbell is the Chair of Smart and Safe Arizona, which is leading the campaign in support of Proposition 207. At the DGT meeting on Sept. 28, 2020, he spoke in favor of this ballot initiative to legalize the possession and use of marijuana for persons who are at least 21 years old, enact a tax on marijuana sales, and require the state Department of Health and Human Services to develop rules to regulate marijuana businesses.What the Smart & Safe Act DoesIn a smart, safe, and responsible way, the initiative legalizes the sale, possession, and consumption of one ounce of [...]

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WATCH Connie DeLarge & Paul Taylor of the African American Caucuses

  Connie DeLarge, Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party African American Caucus, says, “We have people in our current Administration trying to take us back to the ’50s. Voter suppression is on the rise, you have states kicking people off the voting roles, states making it harder for us to register to vote with stricter voter ID laws and that is just the attack on Voting Rights. I am in this fight for the soul of our Nation and the sake of kids and grandkids,” Connie says. In 2006, the Arizona Democratic Party African American Caucus was formed and she [...]

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