Biden Condemns Trump’s use of Storm Troopers in Portland and other Cities

Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden issued a statement condemning Donald Trump’s use of Homeland Security Forces in Portland, Oregon, and other American cities. The statement reads: “We have a president who is determined to sow chaos and division. To make matters worse instead of better. We all remember the appalling scenes in front of the White House when peaceful protestors were gassed to make way for a Trump photo op. Now Homeland Security agents — without a clearly defined mandate or authority — are ranging far from federal property, stripped of badges and insignia and identifying [...]

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This is How Fascism Starts in America

What is happening? Unidentified and uninvited federal troops are, apparently without warrants, harassing, beating, and detaining nonviolent protestors on the streets of Portland. Trump, abetted by fringe reactionaries like Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Trump Attorney Bill Barr and Homeland Security Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli, are also threatening to take their black shirt squads to other cities led by Democrats (like Chicago or Milwaukee.) The Lincoln Project ad rightly depicts these actions as “a President out of control” who will resort to any totalitarian measures to stay in power. “This is how it starts and this is how freedom dies,” the [...]

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“Second Chances Act” Ballot Initiative Needs Your Support!

As you may have heard, there is a ballot initiative that will put sentencing reform before the voters of Arizona. The Second Chances, Rehabilitation, and Public Safety Act initiative combines elements of several of the sentencing reform bills that were introduced – and supported by AFSC-Arizona – in the last couple of years, but were blocked from receiving hearings by the opposition or vetoed by the Governor. The #SecondChancesActAZ will: Expand earned release credits from 1 day for every 6 served (roughly 15 percent of one’s sentence) to 1 day for each day served (50 percent) for people convicted of “non-dangerous” offenses; Restore judicial discretion [...]

DGT Online: Jonathan Mosher, Candidate for Pima County Attorney This live webinar recording was made on April 20, 2020, hosted by Larry Bodine, President of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Democratic Candidate Jonathan Mosher, running for Pima County Attorney, discussed his opposition to the death penalty, opposition to prosecuting low-level non-violent drug possessors, how the office can help schools and students, policies and procedures he would change, the inmate program at the Humane Society, dealing with undocumented immigrants, not prosecuting people if Roe V. Wade is overturned and several more issues. For more info, see

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Recording of Laura Conover Webinar Now Online

See and hear the recording of Laura Conover, Democrat for Pima County Attorney, who spoke at the April 6, 2020 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Laura Conover said: The Pima County Attorney manages a number of divisions tasked with keeping our community Safe and Sound. The County Attorney’s office historically devotes too many resources to aggressive law enforcement for low-level crimes and has pursued felony prosecution of non-violent offenders at historic and alarming rates. We are less safe because of this agenda. Ensuring our safety requires sound policy and sound leadership. This is the year we can make responsible changes to make the Pima County Attorney’s [...]

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