Miranda Lopez: Redistricting is #1 Challenge for Democrats

Redistricting in Arizona is expected to break up Democratic powerhouse LD9, but also to change Republican-held LD11, according to Miranda Lopez, the Director of the Pima County Democratic Party. She spoke at the July 5, 2021, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.   Miranda Lopez started as the new Director for the Pima County Democratic Party in March. She graduated from the UA in Tucson in 2018. Miranda worked in 2018 as a Democratic organizer in Flagstaff, and in 2020 as a regional organizing director.After the election, she returned to the PCDP as the Operations Coordinator and was promoted to [...]

Nurses’ Plea: Please Stop Socializing in Person

By Judy Rich, RN, Mimi Coomler, RN, Joy Upshaw, RN, TMC Nurse Managers We are writing this letter from the front lines of TMC HealthCare. We are not strangers. We are your neighbors, your friends, and your families. Our children are in the same classes, even though they’re online right now. We patronize your businesses and stand in line together at the grocery store. We’ve been here for you when you need us the most for more than 75 years. Now, we need you. We work day in and day out caring for our community, then we go home to care for our own [...]

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Preparing for a Post-COVID New World Order in Pima County

I would argue that Pima Community College could and should play a key role. History is riddled with periods of war, famine, natural disasters, plague, and pestilence that swept nations, only to simmer and die with varying degrees of death and destruction.  Today, in addition to being at the precipice of the most emotionally laden Presidential election of our lives, we are in the midst of a historic period of a global pandemic and social upheaval, indeed by any measure, of biblical proportions. There will be more death. There will be more destruction—social, cultural, economic, and political.  It will end.  [...]

Using Your Social Influence to Boost Voter Turnout

If this were a normal election year, we would be knocking on doors to help turn out your communities to vote. But this is nothing like a "normal" election year. This article is by Kate Scully, MoveOn's Mobilizations Director. MoveOn's newe strategy is called "Vote Tripling." It relies on research that shows that "social influence"—encouragement and accountability from your family and friends—is the best way to increase voter turnout, particularly among voters aged 30 and under. Studies have found that if you know that your close friends and family are voting and if those people follow up with you about [...]

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Joe Biden: To end systemic racism, no one can stay silent. No one can ignore injustice

In every corner of this country this weekend, George Floyd’s words, which were the words of Eric Garner before him, are echoing from millions of voices in our streets and in our hearts. “I can’t breathe.” And, Friday should have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday — a day she didn’t live to see. They are among the latest additions to an endless list of lives stolen and potential wiped out unnecessarily. This article was published in the Los Angeles Times. On Friday, in discussing a jobs report that made clear some 20 million Americans remain unemployed, Donald Trump said he [...]

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AZ Democratic Party Endorses “Invest In Education” Ballot Initiative

This weekend, the Arizona Democratic Party endorsed Invest in Education, a ballot initiative that will restore hundreds of millions in K-12 public education funding annually. Invest in Education will fill over 1,800 teacher vacancies; hire and increase the pay of teachers, aides, counselors; and increase career and technical education funding. You can read the full initiative text here. The first step to passing Invest in Education is qualifying for the ballot in November. We only have 28 days until the petition filing deadline, and we need your help. Safely sign the Invest in Education petition at a petition station near [...]

“Second Chances Act” Ballot Initiative Needs Your Support!

As you may have heard, there is a ballot initiative that will put sentencing reform before the voters of Arizona. The Second Chances, Rehabilitation, and Public Safety Act initiative combines elements of several of the sentencing reform bills that were introduced – and supported by AFSC-Arizona – in the last couple of years, but were blocked from receiving hearings by the opposition or vetoed by the Governor. https://secondchancesaz.com/ The #SecondChancesActAZ will: Expand earned release credits from 1 day for every 6 served (roughly 15 percent of one’s sentence) to 1 day for each day served (50 percent) for people convicted of “non-dangerous” offenses; Restore judicial discretion [...]

Keeping Kids Safe: Senator Victoria Steele and Childcare Advocates Launch Arizona Child Abuse Prevention Initiative

Child abuse doesn’t stop during a pandemic, it gets worse and during this period of social distancing, concern for children’s safety is growing. This is especially true considering the latest numbers for child neglect and abuse from the Arizona Department of Child Safety. DCS has reported 2,081 reports of neglect and 794 reports of abuse in the month of April. In light of these numbers and concerns, State Senator, Victoria Steele, (LD-9 Tucson), gathered child advocates from across Arizona and created a statewide initiative to help keep children safe. It consists of a public information campaign urging caring adults to [...]

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