Videos of Speakers at Democrats of Greater Tucson

To search, use Ctrl + F. Many thanks to Anne Simmons, our Video Production Editor, for editing the videos.  To candidates: If you are interested in speaking at a DGT meeting on Mondays at Noon, contact Program Director Mike Bryan via email: or phone (520) 425-5565. Please complete the Campaign Contact Information form.   Camaron Stevenson, Managing Editor of the Copper Courier, September 19, 2022 Kirsten Engel Campaigns to Restore Abortion Rights in Congress, September 12, 2022 Pima County Attorney Laura Conover, September 5, 2022 Supervisor Rex Scott Targets Gun Pre-emption Law, August 22, 2022 Councilman Kozachik on Water, Toxic Chemicals [...]

Diego Rodriguez for Arizona Attorney General

Contact information: (602) 380-3849 Website: Diego Rodriguez, a Democrat running for Attorney General, spoke at the January 10, 2022, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. He grew up in Wyoming and lived there till he was 18. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and then moved to Tucson from 1992 to 2004. He graduated from the Arizona College of Law in 1995. He started practicing as a Pima County Attorney and worked his way up to prosecuting first-degree homicides. After that, he opened his private civil law practice. He lives in Laveen, Arizona. The following is [...]

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Bob McWhirter, Candidate for Attorney General, Vows to Protect Reproductive Rights

Bob McWhirter, candidate for Arizona Attorney General and an attorney with more than 30 years of experience spoke about his campaign and the issues he’ll focus on at the November 29, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. “We need to fight for what matters and not waver on what is right and what is wrong and what is a democracy and what is not a democracy,” he said. “It’s time that we fought for teachers, students, mothers, fathers, families who have been penalized and poorly resourced. It’s about justice, it’s about the rule of law, and that’s what I’ve [...]

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Democracy is Hanging in the Balance, says Attorney General Candidate Kris Mayes

"I don't know if we have ever, ever faced a year when it has been more important to elect a Democrat Attorney General. We absolutely know that democracy is hanging in the Balance in the state of Arizona," said Kris Mayes, who's running for Arizona Attorney General in 2022. "And it's not just hanging in the balance in Arizona. It's hanging in the balance in America." "Because what happens here, not just in 2022, but especially in 2024, is going to tell the tale for our next presidential election. And we know that the Republican Party is in full-fledged, full-on [...]

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Kris Mayes, Candidate for AZ Attorney General, will Take the Fight to the Republicans Attorney General Candidate Kris Mayes promised to take the fight to the Republican Party in her campaign. "I was tough on the utilities," she said about her work on the Arizona Corporation Commission. "Who's tough enough to stand up to the insanity that's going on at the Arizona legislature? Which one of us is going to be strong enough to stand up and file lawsuits against these Republicans when they are engaged in flat-out unconstitutional behavior? I mean, this is the group that gave us the fraudit and the big lie. They sent Arizona voter data to a cabin [...]

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Attorney Bob McWhirter Launches Campaign for Attorney General

PHOENIX – Lifelong Democrat Bob McWhirter -- an Arizona attorney with more than 30 years of experience, a nationally recognized Constitutional scholar, and an expert on immigration law and the Bill of Rights -- today launched his campaign for Attorney General of Arizona. McWhirter has dedicated his life to strengthening democracy and ensuring the law is applied fairly, regardless of someone’s politics or zip code. He has long worked with community organizations from the Arizona NAACP to the ACLU, serving as a public defender in Maricopa County, and as pro-bono counsel at the Federal District Veterans Court. In his 30+ [...]

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As Attorney General, Diego Rodriguez will Promote Criminal Justice Reform

State Representative Diego Rodriguez (D-LD27) has had a long career in public service. First as a lawyer in the Pima County Attorney Office. Then as an attorney in private practice. Currently, he is representing the people of LD 27 in the Arizona State House. As a legislator, Rep. Rodriquez has supported measures to: Protecting the rights of voters. Promoting public safety. Keeping school campuses safe from firearms. Protecting the civil rights of all Arizonans regardless of race, religion, gender orientation, or sexual preference. Safeguard the state minimum wage. Rep. Rodriguez has declared his candidacy to become the next Arizona Attorney [...]

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