As Arizona Treasurer, Martin Quezada Will Invest in Affordable Housing, Water Supply and Public Schools

Martin Quezada is running to be Arizona's Treasurer. He has been a State Senator for Phoenix and Glendale for the last eight years and previously served in the State House before that. He has also been a Pendergast Elementary school board member for the last 12 years. For more information, visit To volunteer for the campaign, visit To donate on ActBlue, visit Here are highlights of his talk to Democrats of Greater Tucson on August 1, 2022: The Treasurer is an essential office, but it has been used as a stepping stone to run for higher office. [...]

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Kirsten Engel: Democracy, Reproductive Rights and Survival of the Planet are On the Ballot

Kirsten Engel, candidate for Congress in Tucson's CD6, delivered a frightening message at the June 6, 2022 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Following are her opening remarks: This midterm election in November is the most important election in our lifetimes. And this is not an exaggeration. Democracy is on the ballot. A woman's right to choose is on the ballot. The future of the planet is on the ballot. And quite frankly, whether we can protect democracy, a woman's right to choose and the planet, could all come down to who wins this congressional seat. This is now the [...]

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Engel and Hernandez Exchange Views in CD Six Debate

This article originally appeared in Blog for Arizona on May 20, 2022 and is repeated here in its entirety. I am glad I live in Tempe and not any of the areas in the new Arizona Congressional District Six. Why? Because it will be a difficult choice to make between Democratic Congressional Candidates Kirsten Engel and Daniel Hernandez. Appearing in a debate (more like professional discussion) sponsored by Arizona PBS on May 19, 2022, both candidates ably presented themselves as viable future members of the House of Representatives as they discussed district needs,  inflation, abortion, border security and immigration, and [...]

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Avery Anderson for Congress in Tucson’s CD6

Avery Anderson is running for Congress in Tucson’s CD6, spoke at the May 9, 2020 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Video production by Mallory Riegger. At age 28, Avery serves in two lead engineer roles at Raytheon since 2018, working to advance America’s defense through cutting-edge technology. Avery did not intend to get into politics, but it became apparent to him that our current system has major flaws that could use a fresh approach from a younger perspective. He has developed a decision-making process that is facts-based – as opposed to special interest-influenced. His platform includes: A Younger Generation of Representation Appealing to [...]

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Which Party Do You Want to See Trying to Stop Inflation?

We must continue to be aware of the existential crisis of our American democracy as the US and Arizona careen toward our off-year election of federal and state legislators, and executive branch officers in Arizona. We are also electing a U.S. Senator for a full six-year term. There is no end to the predictions of pundits and prognosticators of an electoral debacle for us Democrats. I will grant that the Democratic Party leadership in Washington appears stunned like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming tractor-trailer full of angry elephants. But, despite this, take heart! We do have a [...]

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Just 8 Months Left to Save Our Democracy

By Dee Maitland. Published in the April newsletter of The Democrats of Oro Valley. Suppose we don’t keep our seats in the US House and Senate and increase our number of seats in the Arizona House and Senate in November. In that case, all our good intentions and horror at what Republicans are proposing will be relegated to cocktail party chatter for the next decade. For just eight months, we Democrats need to focus on winning in November. We need to talk loudly, and daily about all the good Democrats have done. We need to talk about how Republicans only [...]

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HEAR Michael Bryan, DGT’s Program Director, on the John C. Scott Radio Show

Blog for Arizona's founder and fearless leader Michael Bryan, retired prosecuting attorney, was on the February 26, 2022, John C. Scott radio talk show (1030 AM on the dial, every Saturday from 3 to 4 p.m.). Michael is the 1st Vice President and Program Director for Democrats of Greater Tucson. Michael talked about national politics, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, our local politics and the recent redistricting of our Congressional and Legislative districts in Arizona by the IRC (Independent Redistricting Commission). He said it wasn't so "independent" after all.  And of course, he talked about our website Blog for [...]

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Speak in Favor of Pending Bills that Support Electric Cars

There are some good bills and some bad bills being heard in committees at the State Legislature starting Monday. Some of the good measures support electric vehicles (EVs).  I recommend you use the Request to Speak. Bills have to go through committees before they can be heard and voted on the floor of the House or Senate. Sometimes, just sometimes, we can stop harmful bills from going to a vote on the House or Senate floor by killing them in committee. One way to do that is to weigh in on the Request to Speak system on the Arizona State [...]

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Activate yourself! The Legislature is Back in Session

Republicans are swarming like bacteria in Phoenix, ready to pass laws to ruin our lives. They want to ban abortion, ban the teaching of so-called "critical race theory'', take away the right to vote, pick our electors for us, ban masks and vaccination mandates, and cut public school funding. Because they have a one-vote majority in both the House and Senate, they use it to operate a GOP dictatorship. But we Democrats can do something about it. It's time to activate yourself! Get the Iyer Report Civic Engagement Beyond Voting, an Indivisible group, is a grassroots nonpartisan organization that works [...]

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Dems Awaken Sleeping Giant to Make Gains in 2022

Find events, petitions, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and more with Mission for Arizona at Democrats in Arizona are organizing earlier than ever to re-elect Senator Mark Kelly, put a Democratic Governor into office, and win a Democratic majority in the state legislature. To achieve this ambitious goal, Dems have awakened the once-sleeping Giant -- the Democratic coordinated campaign. Known as Mission for Arizona, it is active statewide 13 months before the 2022 election. Meanwhile, the Republicans are branding themselves with Trump, who is repellent to independents, who make up 1/3 of Arizona voters, and toxic to Democrats, who [...]

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