Democratic Candidates for Nov. 8 Election — Vote a Straight Democratic Ticket

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Data Analyst Sam Almy Describes How to Keep Arizona Blue

Our speaker Sam Almy, a Data Analyst with Uplift Campaign,  describes what the new districts mean to Democrats and Republicans. Sam Almy Sam has worked with any campaign from US President to the local school board. In 2008, Sam started political work in Tucson, working for the AZ Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign and reporting as the Voter File Manager for the Arizona Democratic Party. In 2010, he ran a paid canvass with US Congressman Raul Grijalva. In 2012, Sam moved to Phoenix to focus on data analytics. Contact him at:Email: sam@upliftcampaigns.comTwitter: @sfalmy "It's all about turnout this year," [...]

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Obituary for Olivia Cajero Bedford

Former Arizona state Legislator Olivia Cajero Bedford passed away on February 9, 2022. In 2000, she ran for the AZ House of Representatives, following in her parents' footsteps. Olivia lost but came back stronger and won her first election two years later. She served in both the AZ House and Senate for 16 years. She loved representing her constituents and will be remembered for campaigning by standing in the bed of her purple truck waving at voters. Olivia backed the working class, fighting for teachers, law enforcement, and unions. She was a pro-choice voter and worked to save the beautiful [...]

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Dems Awaken Sleeping Giant to Make Gains in 2022

Find events, petitions, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and more with Mission for Arizona at Democrats in Arizona are organizing earlier than ever to re-elect Senator Mark Kelly, put a Democratic Governor into office, and win a Democratic majority in the state legislature. To achieve this ambitious goal, Dems have awakened the once-sleeping Giant -- the Democratic coordinated campaign. Known as Mission for Arizona, it is active statewide 13 months before the 2022 election. Meanwhile, the Republicans are branding themselves with Trump, who is repellent to independents, who make up 1/3 of Arizona voters, and toxic to Democrats, who [...]

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Democrats Can Win a Trifecta of State Leaders, says AZ Dem Director

"This is our moment," said Charlie Fisher, Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party. "We have an opportunity to flip the state legislature for the first time since 1966 to deliver a Democratic trifecta with the election of a Democratic governor." Fisher spoke at the Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting on September 27, 2021. " "We really are in the driver's seat. And if we can turn our folks out, if we make sure that Democrats don't stay at home just because Biden is the president we haven't, we have an incredible opportunity to dramatically change the direction of our [...]

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The Strategy for Democrats to Win in Arizona in 2022

Democrats in Arizona can flip the state legislature blue, elect the Governor and capture all eight statewide offices – if they follow a new strategy that just worked in California. Republicans have used the strategy for years. But it will work equally well for Democrats and engage independents: capitalize on fear and anger. This article was first published on The Blog for Arizona. By that, I mean: Fear: Portray Republicans as local MAGA candidates who are dangerous Trump stooges who will restrict vaccinations, restrict mask mandates, restrict voting, and eliminate abortion. The key is connecting candidates to Trump, who is extremely unpopular with voters. [...]

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A Recap of the Legislature’s Bad Bills

First let’s start with the just-plain-stupid category of proposed bills such as: a bill passed allowing higher speed limits and lowering the fines; a passed bill designating gun shops as essential; and one that didn’t pass that would remove the mandate to vaccinate pets. Why? Why? Why? Is there any evidence that Arizona roads and drivers can handle higher speeds safely? Guns are essential because the rise in murders and suicides is not yet high enough? And Senator Anti-vax Barto (R-LD15) obviously has not seen a rabid animal. The 11 awful voter suppression bills that passed are disturbing similar. All [...]

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Running for Congress in CD2, Kirsten Engel Seeks a Thriving Economy and Infrastructure Development

Arizona State Senator Kirsten Engel (D-LD10) has an impressive resume that checks all boxes as a Democratic Congressional Candidate looking to succeed the retiring Ann Kirkpatrick in 2022. Senator Engel has been: A staff attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency. A staff attorney for the Sierra Club. The acting chief of the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Division. Visiting Associate Law Professor at Vanderbilt, University of California, and Harvard. Professor of Law/Environmental Law at the University of Arizona (a position she still holds.) Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Arizona from 2012 to 2015 A member of the Arizona State [...]

Tucson Native and Arizona Senator Dennis DeConcini Helped Launch the 1990s Economic Boom

If it were not for Tucson native and Arizona Democratic Senator Dennis DeConcini, the economic expansion during the Clinton/Gore Administration would likely not have happened. Back in 1993, Republicans started their nearly 30-year trend of obstructing virtually every major Democratic Presidential initiative. They were screaming that Clintonomics would destroy the economy. That’s when Arizona Senator Dennis DeConcini cast a pivotal yes vote that allowed Vice President Al Gore to break a Senate tie and launch the Clinton/Gore economic boom, including budget surpluses in the late 1990s. Dennis DeConcini was born in Tucson on May 8, 1937. His father, Evo, was [...]

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Democratic Hero Ethel Maynard Blazed a Trail for All Women to Follow

Ethel Maynard's most far-reaching legislative achievement is writing the education bill that led to state-supported kindergarten. Ethel Maynard, the first Black woman elected to the Arizona legislature, is a Tucson public servant people should remember for her trailblazing achievements. Born in Connecticut, Maynard became a nurse in Harlem, New York, before moving to Tucson in 1946 and working at the Tucson Medical Center. A Vice President of the Arizona NAACP and member of the board of Planned Parenthood, Maynard, a Democrat, became the first Black woman to serve in the Arizona House of Representatives. She held office from 1967 [...]

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