The Pima County gun show is an ongoing crime scene — operated by two criminals who sell guns without background checks to felons, domestic abusers and prohibited persons.

The public wants universal background checks for private gun sales on public property, but the Fair Commission has stonewalled on closing the gun show loophole. All it needs to do is pass a rule requiring background checks — but the Commissioners refuse to even discuss it.

Bob Templeton, and his son, Jeff Templeton, have felony convictions for federal firearms violations that could prevent them from organizing gun shows in California.

Convicted gun felons run the Pima county gun show. Robert and Jeff Templeton, the operators of the Crossroads gun show, have been convicted and served prison time for federal gun law violations — running guns and illegally possessing guns — the exact crimes that background checks will prevent. For details see

Citizens for Safer Pima County, of which I’m a member, is alarmed about the black market in gun sales to felons and domestic abusers at the Crossroads gun show at the Pima Fairgrounds. Unlicensed gun dealers at the show sell guns to prohibited purchasers and anyone with cash — without a background check.

Americans support background checks

The vast majority of Americans support universal background checks for private sales and at gun shows (77% among gun owners and 87% among non-owners). The idea of closing the gun show loophole is not controversial.

Tucson Mayor Romero signed a gun safety pledge on Jan. 9, 2020, calling for background checks. The Pima County Supervisors endorsed background checks in gun sales on December 17, 2019. Congress member Ann Kirkpatrick supports background checks.

The problem is the Pima Fair Commission. It can require background checks at the gun show by simply passing a rule. Federally-licensed gun dealers already conduct background checks, the the unlicensed dealers don’t.

The Fair Commission has put criminals in charge of the local black market in gun sales, and is a clear and present danger to our community.

No Background Check

Unlicensed dealers at the Pima gun show sell weapons of war with no background check.

Prohibited Gun Buyers

Citizens for a Safer Pima County has no quarrel with Second Amendment rights or the vast majority of gun owners, who are law-abiding, responsible Americans. Our group supports gun safety. Arizona law prohibits a person from possessing a firearm if the person is:

  • A felon.
  • A convict in prison.
  • Offenders on probation for domestic violence offense or a felony offense, parole, community supervision, work furlough or home arrest.
  • An undocumented alien.
  • One who constitutes a danger to himself or herself or others.
  • A person who has been found incompetent.
  • A person who has been found guilty except insane.

These are people who should never be able to buy guns. But they can do so at the gun show, and it’s a widely known fact among criminals, according to Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus.

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Larry Bodine is the president of Democrats of Greater Tucson and a member of Citizens for a Safer Pima County.