Billy Peard, Candidate for State Representative, LD2 – May 11, 2020

In this DGT Online Zoom webinar, Billy Peard, Candidate for State Representative, LD2, discussed:

  • His personal/professional background
  • Why he is running, and why this year?
  • Why he is making a primary challenge against incumbent Democrats? (Sen. Andrea Dalessandro and Rep. Daniel Hernandez)
  • How he distinguishes himself from the two incumbents in his district.

Billy Peard grew up in Southern Arizona and went to Arizona public schools (back when we ranked 36th in the country rather than 46th). For many years, Billy worked as a lawyer on the East Coast where he represented DREAMers, asylum-seekers, and farmworkers.

Following the 2016 elections, Billy decided to move back home to Arizona to help keep the current President accountable along the Southwest border. Today, Billy is running for the AZ House of Representatives because, during Billy’s lifetime, state leaders have pushed our state into last or near-last place on almost every indicator of social well-being. Billy is running because it’s no longer enough to elect Democrats who vote against bad policies. It’s time to craft new policies that will move Arizona forward.

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