Trump Zone and Fox Island Residents who had delusions that Joe Biden was a frail elderly gentleman were sorely disappointed this afternoon as the former Vice President and 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee demonstrated a mastery of the issues and exhibited a Presidential demeanor at a press conference in Delaware today.

The last question actually dealt with cognitive ability and if he had been tested for cognitive decline.

Mr. Biden ably dismissed the questions premise saying: “I’ve been tested and been constantly tested. Look, all you gotta do is watch me and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.”

The former Vice President also took questions on a variety of other topics.

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Russian Bounties on American Soldiers

Biden said that Congress needs to get the facts and Trump is “not cognizant” of world events. Biden further said that:

  • Trump should said on day one what is happening.
  • He should have contacted the Joint Chiefs for preventive measures to protect troops.
  • He should have called Putin to get him to desist.
  • The idea that Trump was not briefed is a dereliction of duty. if he was briefed (and did nothing,) that’s a dereliction of duty.
  • Trump has to answer questions about this quickly. If he knew and did nothing about this, then the “public should conclude that this man isn’t fit to be President of the United States of America.”
  • If Trump violated his oath of office in this instance, Biden said it depends on “what he did and what he knew…I can not see how he did not know about so many things over the last three years.”

Biden called the 2020 race the “most unusual campaign and I am going to follow the doc’s orders. I am not going to be holding rallies. There will be social distancing and people will be wearing masks at events like this. I would much rather be with the people….but they tell me 200 million people have watched what I’ve done from home… I don’t want to jinx myself…I know the polling data is good but it’s really early…I think we have a whole lot of work to do…I can hardly wait (for debates against Trump.)”

In a later question, he committed to three debates against Trump.

Removing of statues and renaming buildings

Biden maintained that any institution can change a name if they want to, saying “there is a distinction of reminders of history and recovering from history.”

He added that comparing Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson to Confederate political and military leaders/traitors is wrong. Confederate statues belong in museums. Others like the Jefferson Memorial or statues to Columbus should be protected.

in a later question, he said the best way to remove statutes through a peaceful legislative process like they did in Mississippi with the Confederate flag.

Has he been tested for the Coronavirus?

No, he has not because “I (Biden) have had no symptoms and I have not wanted to take anybody’s place in the process.” His secret service and staff are tested.

What would you do about Putin?

Biden would not publicly commit to any actions but he did relay that “the idea that he can interfere here or Europe will not continue in my administration including U.N. condemnation and sanctions.”

Supreme Court and Vice President Nominees

“We are putting together a list of African American women who are qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. I am not going to release that (a list) until they are properly vetted.” He expanded that to say he is not going to release a list of potential Vice Presidential nominees. He plans to announce the Vice Presidential nominee in early August. He would not guarantee to announce on August 1, 2020. On a later question, if the Vice Presidential nominee should have a background in national security and foreign policy, Mr. Biden said it would be better if the person had “an expertise in an area he did not have.” The nominee needs to have the “intellectual capacity, the temperament, and the leadership qualities” that lead one to believe they would be ready to assume the Presidency.

“Every day I get a briefing on what is happening across the country.” For the rest of the response, he mostly spoke about the local situation in Delaware.

Response to Pandemic

“It is to lower the rhetoric based on division. Stop appealing to the less healthy side of society.” Biden also suggested Trump stop tweeting support for people shouting for White Supremacy. “We need to appeal to the better side of human nature” in wearing masks so people can be protected from infections. “It’s called patriotism. it’s called responsibility. It’s called making sure you look out for the other person.” He criticized Mr. Trump’s self-centered obsession with himself and avoiding personal accountability. “It’s not about I. It’s about us and I think changing the tone of an administration across the board, allowing scientists to speak, making sure people understand the facts, good, bad, or indifferent, and when a mistake is made, you say I made a mistake….I think all those things change the atmosphere…The words of a President matter…It’s about the tone and it goes across the board. We have to do that (bring the country together)… We should be talking to our better angels…You have a moral obligation (to wear masks)

People who support Biden’s campaign can take great comfort in his performance with the press today.

When was any time Trump supporters could say that about their candidate?