Avery Anderson for Congress in Tucson’s CD6

Avery Anderson is running for Congress in Tucson’s CD6, spoke at the May 9, 2020 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

Video production by Mallory Riegger.

At age 28, Avery serves in two lead engineer roles at Raytheon since 2018, working to advance America’s defense through cutting-edge technology.

Avery did not intend to get into politics, but it became apparent to him that our current system has major flaws that could use a fresh approach from a younger perspective. He has developed a decision-making process that is facts-based – as opposed to special interest-influenced.

His platform includes:

  • A Younger Generation of Representation
  • Appealing to Young Voters
  • A transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy
  • Increasing the quality of K-12 education
  • Stop the Crazy

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