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Paul Waugaman lives in Tucson near his children and grandchildren, and is active in the OLLI program at the University of Arizona and his church. He retired from a 45-year career in biomedical research administration, having worked for a government research agency, two academic institutions, and as co-founder of a consulting practice. He has also taught U.S. history and several courses on technology management practices and volunteered for Democratic candidates in Maryland, North Carolina and Arizona.

Where are we? What has happened? Where do we go from here?

I still am trying to process the results of the 2020 General Election, which drags on and feels as welcome as the last guest at a dinner party who wants to hang out and talk well after the coffee has been served, and the hosts want to clean up the kitchen (you may remember a time when friends joined around a table to enjoy a nice meal and good conversation). This election season seems unnecessarily long. We have gotten through a protracted campaign phase with primary elections, conventions, speeches, rallies, debates, and COVID. We have survived a longer than usual [...]

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Republican Voter Suppression Is Entangled With Virulent Trumpism

As the 2020 general election process comes completes the voting phase of its protracted course, I have been left like most of my fellow Democrats, wondering about what's next, and hoping that the course forward will be in the hands of the voters without undue interference. A column by opinion writer Catherine Rampell in today's Washington Post argues that the Republican party is doing a sufficient job of interfering with the voting process, allowing Russia and other foreign actors to stand down from their efforts. This got me thinking about how we got here as our great democratic republic rocked [...]

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“The Ballots” May Save Us From The Madness of this Trump Administration

You may recall the president’s (AKA Commander Covid) fevered rant a few weeks ago about “the ballots” being rife with corruption, stolen votes, imaginary voters, and other outrages. He fabricates that they are all perpetrated by sinister Democratic sympathizers including, of course, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Well, it seems like the abuse and corruption didn’t amount to too much beyond some misplaced absentee ballots in one county in central Pennsylvania that was an honest mistake easily corrected. But the commander’s “ballots” rants continue to roil on through: Suspect USPS slowdowns The location of and numbers of drop-off sites organized [...]

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The New York Times Indictment of Donald Trump

I was sorting out this past week’s outrages from TrumpWorld when a New York Times editorial dropped into my in-box on Friday, and it hit me, I could do no better than to amplify its message. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is the complete answer to support our call to oust this person and his corps of sycophants and enablers from City halls and statehouses all the way up to the U.S. Capitol. It’s entitled “End Our National Crisis, The Case Against Donald Trump.” This is more than a ringing endorsement of the Biden-Harris ticket, which one [...]

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Who is Packing the Supreme Court Now?

With the storm of really wild events overcoming the political scene in this great republic these days, it's difficult for me to focus on a single issue, but I should, and I have. The impending advise and consent charade by the U.S. Senate (previously known as "The World's Greatest Deliberative Body"). The resulting installation of another extremely far-right thinking justice is troubling. The actions of the Republican leadership and majority in the Senate as they race almost breathlessly to confirm Judge Barrett are gallingly hypocritical. I remember the same characters sanctimoniously blocking the nomination of Judge Garland far earlier in [...]

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Law Enforcement Must Keep Polling Places Safe

I survey the wreckage of our Democratic electoral process left after Tuesday night’s presidential “debate,” I believe we Democrats must start where we live, and vote, to buttress this election to keep it fair and safe. As I said last week, we citizens of Pima County and the State of Arizona enjoy enviable and stable election systems managed by public servants committed to allowing everyone to cast their votes. However, we should take the President seriously when his rhetoric about potential voting fraud; and the actions of his enablers and sycophants - such as the Attorney General, the Postmaster General, [...]

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All Eyes on Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission

While we have been distracted by the incumbent president’s continuing acts of ignorance and outrage, another process important to our political health in Arizona has been underway. The selection process to select members for the 2021 Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission has begun. Arizona’s efforts to make this system work have served as a benchmark for other states trying to control political influences in the redistricting process. The non-partisan Commission was established by a citizen-proposed initiative in 2000 to review and redraw electoral districts for the U.S. House of Representatives and the state Legislature. The idea was to remove the obviously [...]

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Voting by Mail — How Lucky are We?

Arizona has been blessed to have two important and very progressive pillars of representative democracy: the Permanent Early Voters List and the non-partisan Redistricting Commission. This week, I want to discuss early voting – by mail or otherwise. The creation of Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) by county recorders, the officials with the greatest role in administering elections in a fair and balanced fashion, has been an essential feature of Arizona’s election system since 2008. The PEVL system grew out of legislative action in the early 1990s to make absentee ballots available to registered voters on request without excuse. By [...]

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Don’t Get Me Started on the GOP Senate Failure to Help Americans!

Well, it happened again!  I was about to finish up a post looking at a positive aspect of Arizona politics, when the Governor had to weigh in on the effect of inaction by the U.S. Congress on the states’ inability to extend supplemental unemployment benefits for millions of jobless Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s on Congress,” Governor Ducey said at his Thursday press conference.  He added that unemployment benefits for 480,000 jobless Arizonans would sink to $240 per week. If Ducey could be intellectually honest, he would have said, “It’s on the U.S. Senate.”  The other body of [...]

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Outrageous: Trump Disparages Fallen American Soldiers

I first saw reports Thursday night about an article in The Atlantic by Jeffrey Goldberg about the president’s reaction to and behavior around our country’s war dead and those who have borne the human cost of our conflicts. Goldstein’s article points out one more time just how Mr. Trump’s personality, psychoses, and intellectual limitations disqualify him for any elective office, much less the presidency of our United States. Goldberg’s article is a must-read for anyone concerned about the man’s suitability to serve another term, but I want to dive into two stories recounted in the article. The Atlantic: The president [...]

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