Five Messages to Save Democracy

As the 2022 election season draws closer and the so-called majority party in the U. S. Congress seems frozen by the incredibly bad behavior of the senior senator from Arizona accompanied by the fossil fuel-loving senator from West Virginia. It appears to me that the cavalry will not ride to the Democratic Party’s rescue. It … Read more

Republicans are Dead-set on Trump’s Crusade to Scrap Our Democracy

2001 has passed into 2002. The first mid-term election of the Biden-Harris administration looms ever closer, and it appears that the Democrats in Washington and throughout the nation are living up to Will Rogers’ description when he said, “I belong to no organized political party; I am a Democrat.” In 2022, this is no longer … Read more

4 Ways to Fight For Voting Rights and Fair Elections

The Republican opera bouffe “audit” of Maricopa County ballots is attracting national attention now that Georgia and the major players there have gone silent. The issues raised in Georgia’s legislation are surely going to the courts there. Arizona’s situation is absolutely nuts. In the Legislature, the most damaging legislation that would torque a perfectly good … Read more

America Needs National Election Reform to Protect Voting Rights

The most consequential legislation that the national Democratic leadership must pass this year is the two voting rights and election policy bills: HR.1/S.1 and HR.4. These two measures will stop state legislation in Arizona and 41 other states from blocking access to the ballot box and restrict how elections are run. Georgia’s Republican legislative and … Read more

Protecting Voting Rights and the Democratic Agenda

As a nation, we have committed ourselves through our President and the Democratic majority in Congress, who in concert enacted legislation that sets Americans on a path to control and end the COVID-19. The American Recovery Act gives the federal, state, and local governments the resources to do both jobs quickly and responsibly. However, the … Read more

What’s Next for Dems After the American Rescue Act

Public opinion polls tell us that President Biden’s vast rescue plan, the American Rescue Act, is quite popular—backed by over ¾ of the public, including a clear majority of people who say they are Republicans. Why, then, are the so-called Republican “leaders” — members of Congress—not taking advantage of an opportunity to support the bill … Read more

Republicans Ignore Constituents and Hate Voters

Recently we saw a series of bad-faith efforts by Republican leaders to undermine majority rule across our democratic republic. Then the self-styled Dowager President from Mar-a-Lago emerged at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee meeting in Florida. Along with him were two of his handmaids cleverly disguised as U.S. Senators. Once more, they amplified The … Read more