Keeping Kids Safe: Senator Victoria Steele and Childcare Advocates Launch Arizona Child Abuse Prevention Initiative

Child abuse doesn’t stop during a pandemic, it gets worse and during this period of social distancing, concern for children’s safety is growing. This is especially true considering the latest numbers for child neglect and abuse from the Arizona Department of Child Safety. DCS has reported 2,081 reports of neglect and 794 reports of abuse … Read more

Dr. Jill Biden Holds Virtual Meetings with Arizona Democratic Activists and Educators

Crossposted from (Update Available!) Original Post by David Gordon Dr. Jill Biden is an exceptional spokesperson for her husband, the 2020 Democratic Presumptive Presidential Nominee. On Thursday, May 14, 2020, the former Second Lady of the United States met and talked with Arizona Democratic Activists and Educators in two Thursday afternoon virtual group events. … Read more

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Are Bringing the Democratic Party Together

Crossposted from Original Post By David Gordon Former Vice President and 2020 Presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden and his team have been busy bringing the Democratic Party together with Bernie Sanders and his supporters. With most of the party heavyweights having now endorsed Biden, his team has put together six committees comprised of both … Read more

Martha McSally vs. Mark Kelly’s Plan to Cut Medicare Prescription Costs

Martha McSally is dodging and spinning for her political life. She is polling consistently behind her Democratic challenger Captain Mark Kelly, most recently by 7 points, one poll recently showing Kelly with an astounding 12 point lead! McSally, the unelected, autocratically-appointed, quasi-incumbent, realizes that citizens’ concern about the cost of medical care, and especially prescription drugs, is a key … Read more