The Best Thing Donald Trump could do for the Country is Shut Up

Another week, another several dozen lies, mischaracterizations, and whoppers by the Liar in Chief. ♦  Calling the coronavirus a foreign virus during his address to the Nation on Wednesday Evening (March 11). That line had to be one of the scribbles written by resident soul mate xenophobe Stephen Miller. Then again, what else should the … Read more

Councilman Steve Kozachik Saves Glass from Landfills by Grinding it into Sand

While attending a Mayor and City Council meeting in support of green infrastructure funding, I caught the tail end of their discussion on what to do about our threatened recycling program. The city is losing $3 million a year. They also discussed the high cost of storing glass bottles until they can find a buyer. … Read more

Martha McSally vs. Mark Kelly’s Plan to Cut Medicare Prescription Costs

Martha McSally is dodging and spinning for her political life. She is polling consistently behind her Democratic challenger Captain Mark Kelly, most recently by 7 points, one poll recently showing Kelly with an astounding 12 point lead! McSally, the unelected, autocratically-appointed, quasi-incumbent, realizes that citizens’ concern about the cost of medical care, and especially prescription drugs, is a key … Read more