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Andy Biggs Made Talonya Adams a Victim – Not Katie Hobbs

Letter to Talonya Adams. Dear Ms. Adams, You were done an injustice. The courts have established that your pay was sexually discriminatory and you were wrongly terminated, and the jury has done what they could to rectify that wrong. But you are making an error: Katie Hobbs did not discriminate against you, and is not the cause of the injustice that was done to you. Secretary Hobbs took responsibility for her part in firing you – for cause – but she had no intent to retaliate against you. The court found there was a lack of sufficient procedure in place to document and escalate the causes [...]

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Andy Biggs Made Talonya Adams a Victim – Not Katie Hobbs

Letter to Talonya Adams, Dear Ms. Adams, You were done an injustice. The courts have established that your pay was sexually discriminatory and you were wrongly terminated, and the jury has done what they could to rectify that wrong. Talonya Adams is an African American attorney who was fired for cause from her job as a policy adviser for the state Senate in 2015. Today she is falsely accusing Secretary of State Katie Katie Hobbs of sex discrimination in the firing, even though Secretary Hobbs did not set her pay, nor her conditions of employment, nor the procedures to hire [...]

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Get a Look at Arizona’s Future Governor

The East Valley Partnership recently held a forum for the candidates from both parties for Arizona's Governorship in 2022. Of those aspiring to the Republican nomination, Matt Salmon, Steve Gaynor, Kimberly Yee, and Karrin Taylor Robson were in attendance. Kari Lake claimed a scheduling conflict and did not appear. Unfortunate, as I was keen to see her fatuously call for Hobbs' arrest to her face. All of the announced candidates for the Democratic nomination were present, including Katie Hobbs, Aaron Lieberman, and Marco Lopez, Jr. I have to admit that there were very few surprises in the presentations and answers [...]

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#WhatMatters featuring Bubba Wallace

In our newest episode of What Matters, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace joins BLM’s Managing Director Kailee Scales. Together, they discuss Bubba’s experience as the sole Black driver in NASCAR’s top series.Kailee and Bubba explore how NASCAR banning the confederate flag has impacted the Black community and how the murder of George Floyd impacted Bubba personally. Bubba also shares his own journey with NASCAR and his efforts to engage more Black people to enjoy his sport. Note: This episode was recorded prior to a noose being discovered in Bubba’s racing stall that, unbelievably, nobody seems to be able to explain. But [...]

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Your Daily Dose of Joe!

To all the Dreamers who make our country better and stronger every single day: Thank you. This country needs you. #HomeIsHere pic.twitter.com/VZPVqY1cgq — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) June 19, 2020 The campaign announced the launch of a $15 million, five-week TV, digital, radio, and print advertising flight with both English and Spanish-language content — the first major advertising program of the general election. Watch "Unite Us" HERE, "My Commitment" HERE, and “Cuentas” HERE. Joe released a statement and video after the Supreme Court blocked Trump from ending the DACA program, saying the ruling “is a victory made possible by the courage [...]

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New Black Lives Matter Video

This is our moment.In response to continuing state violence toward Black communities, we have taken to the streets and are demanding more from our neighbors and our elected officials. We can feel the energy shifting. Our voices have spread to every corner of our country and all across the globe -- and we’re only just getting started. We are making our voices heard. We are making ourselves seen. We are making our pain felt. And we are demanding the change we deserve. Our fight for liberty, justice, and freedom continues on, and together, we can -- and will -- transform. [...]

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AZ Democratic Party Endorses “Invest In Education” Ballot Initiative

This weekend, the Arizona Democratic Party endorsed Invest in Education, a ballot initiative that will restore hundreds of millions in K-12 public education funding annually. Invest in Education will fill over 1,800 teacher vacancies; hire and increase the pay of teachers, aides, counselors; and increase career and technical education funding. You can read the full initiative text here. The first step to passing Invest in Education is qualifying for the ballot in November. We only have 28 days until the petition filing deadline, and we need your help. Safely sign the Invest in Education petition at a petition station near [...]

“Second Chances Act” Ballot Initiative Needs Your Support!

As you may have heard, there is a ballot initiative that will put sentencing reform before the voters of Arizona. The Second Chances, Rehabilitation, and Public Safety Act initiative combines elements of several of the sentencing reform bills that were introduced – and supported by AFSC-Arizona – in the last couple of years, but were blocked from receiving hearings by the opposition or vetoed by the Governor. https://secondchancesaz.com/ The #SecondChancesActAZ will: Expand earned release credits from 1 day for every 6 served (roughly 15 percent of one’s sentence) to 1 day for each day served (50 percent) for people convicted of “non-dangerous” offenses; Restore judicial discretion [...]

Vice President Joe Biden on the Latest Unemployment Numbers

Amid the deep anguish and the activism we are seeing across the country as Americans speak out about the violence of systemic racism, this morning brought a reminder of the deep economic hurt being inflicted on our country by this pandemic. More than 42 million Americans have now filed for unemployment in the last three months, and, as with so many burdens in our society, Black and Latino communities are being hit hardest. Last month, 11 percent of white adults report having been laid off or furloughed — a devastating figure in its own right — and the pain is [...]

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