Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense at the

Three gun safety experts addressed the Democrats of Greater Tucson salon held on July 27, 2022: Kelley Ireland of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Pete Plahmer, Coordinator of Banner Medical Center’s Trauma Outreach & Injury Prevention program Teresa Neiberg, Legislative Lead for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. 00:04 How can we make reforms in gun … Read more

How to Talk to Voters with Evynn Bronson and Anna Smith of Mission for Arizona

Video editing by our fabulous volunteer: Mallory Riegger. This is a recording of the Salon: How to Persuade Voters with Mission for Arizona, presented on July 7, 2022. Our speakers were young volunteers, Evynn Bronson and Anna Smith, both Tucson organizers for Mission for Arizona. Anna Smith is the field organizer for the Eastern … Read more

Consuelo Hernandez for AZ Rep. in LD21 and also School Board

Many thanks to our volunteer Mallory Riggier, a Precinct Committee Person in LD18, for editing DGT’s videos. 00:00 DGT Logo 00:04 Democratic Candidate for Arizona House in LD 21 Consuelo Hernandez 00:08 Introduction to Democratic Candidate Consuelo Hernandez 01:19 Democratic Candidate Consuelo Hernandez Remarks 05:53 Q&A Consuelo Hernandez is running for Arizona House in LD21. … Read more

Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer

Many thanks to our video editor Mallory Riegger, a Precinct Committee Person in LD18. Chapters in YouTube: 00:05 Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer 00:09 Introduction to Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer 01:12 Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer Remarks 12:35 Q&A Click here to read the Rachel Bitecofer DGT 6-20-22 transcript Rachel Bitecofer spoke at Democrats of Greater Tucson … Read more

Schoolteacher Nathan Davis for State House LD18

Video editing by Mallory Riegger. Nathan Davis, a candidate for Arizona State House representing LD18, spoke at the June 13 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Nathan is a Democrat who will stand up in the AZ House of Representatives to: Reinvest in public education: bring per-pupil funding from the current $8,600 to the national average … Read more

Charlie Verdin for AZ House in LD18

Video production by Mallory Reigger. Charlie Verdin is a Tucson businessperson running for Arizona state House in LD18. He spoke at the May 16, 2020 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. He wants to secure a bright future for his children with strong public schools and a healthy, sustainable economy while preserving our state’s natural … Read more