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Our video producer, Mallory Riegger, is a UA graduate with a BS in Accounting in 1985 and earned her CPA license in 1993. She has been actively volunteering since 1997 in accounting, IT, training and leadership roles. Mallory has worked diligently over the years to get out the vote, even making calls when living overseas. She is the PC lead for Precinct 211, a Territory Lead in LD18, and a lifelong Democrat. Mallory also volunteers for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute-UA (OLLI-UA), where she has been a member since 2016. For OLLI-UA, she has also been a Council member from 2017– to 2019, a Board member as Treasurer since 2019, a Study Group Leader since 2018 (ongoing), and the AV committee member since 2017. She has also been a Scout leader since 2005 in Michigan (2005-2011), Singapore (2011-2015), Far East Council Board (2014 – ongoing) and Catalina Council (2022). Her husband, Don, is the new President of the BSA Catalina Council, and Mallory will be the Camp Director for Camp Lawton this summer. They have three sons all of whom are Eagle Scouts.

Consuelo Hernandez for AZ Rep. in LD21 and also School Board

Many thanks to our volunteer Mallory Riggier, a Precinct Committee Person in LD18, for editing DGT's videos. 00:00 DGT Logo 00:04 Democratic Candidate for Arizona House in LD 21 Consuelo Hernandez 00:08 Introduction to Democratic Candidate Consuelo Hernandez 01:19 Democratic Candidate Consuelo Hernandez Remarks 05:53 Q&A Consuelo Hernandez is running for Arizona House in LD21. She also plans to remain the President of the Sunnyside Union School District School Board, because a gang of Republican Trumpers is running to wreak havoc with the school curriculum. As Arizona tilts further right, she and her Mexican-American Jewish siblings are pushing back. Her [...]

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Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer

Many thanks to our video editor Mallory Riegger, a Precinct Committee Person in LD18. Chapters in YouTube: 00:05 Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer 00:09 Introduction to Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer 01:12 Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer Remarks 12:35 Q&A Click here to read the Rachel Bitecofer DGT 6-20-22 transcript Rachel Bitecofer spoke at Democrats of Greater Tucson on June 20, 2022. She is a nationally-recognized election analyst and Democratic strategist who publishes election forecasts for presidential and congressional elections on the Substack newsletter website. Her strategy is that Democrats must deliver a single, strong message to the independent voters that exposes the [...]

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Schoolteacher Nathan Davis for State House LD18

Video editing by Mallory Riegger. Nathan Davis, a candidate for Arizona State House representing LD18, spoke at the June 13 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Nathan is a Democrat who will stand up in the AZ House of Representatives to: Reinvest in public education: bring per-pupil funding from the current $8,600 to the national average of $13,200; create a universal pre-school program for all three- and four-year-old children in Arizona. Fight for bills that combat climate change: conserve our water resources and support practices that use water more efficiently in homes, manufacturing, and agriculture; invest in renewable energy generation, distributed storage, and [...]

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Rep. Andres Cano Charts a Progressive Plan for LD20

Rep. Andrés Cano is running for re-election in 2022 in the new Legislative District 20. He has served in the Arizona House of Representatives since 2019. He addressed the May 30, 2022, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Jump to a specific point in the video: 00:00 DGT Logo 00:04 State Rep. Andres Cano's 5-Point Platform for LD 20 00:08 Welcome to Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting by President Larry Bodine 00:15 Introduction to State Rep. Andres Cano 01:12 State Rep. Andres Cano 19:30 Q&A Andres' platform focuses on: Economic Recovery: Fight for a living wage, ​advocate for rental, mortgage, [...]

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Charlie Verdin for AZ House in LD18

Video production by Mallory Reigger. Charlie Verdin is a Tucson businessperson running for Arizona state House in LD18. He spoke at the May 16, 2020 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. He wants to secure a bright future for his children with strong public schools and a healthy, sustainable economy while preserving our state’s natural beauty. Click here to see if you live in LD18. Charlie is a Native American born in Louisiana who moved in 2007 to Tucson after starting Fangamer, which is now a successful, multinational operation. He is the former Secretary of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Charlie is [...]

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Avery Anderson for Congress in Tucson’s CD6

Avery Anderson is running for Congress in Tucson’s CD6, spoke at the May 9, 2020 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Video production by Mallory Riegger. At age 28, Avery serves in two lead engineer roles at Raytheon since 2018, working to advance America’s defense through cutting-edge technology. Avery did not intend to get into politics, but it became apparent to him that our current system has major flaws that could use a fresh approach from a younger perspective. He has developed a decision-making process that is facts-based – as opposed to special interest-influenced. His platform includes: A Younger Generation of Representation Appealing to [...]

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State Rep. Daniel Hernandez for Congress in Tucson’s CD6

Daniel Hernandez is a state representative, former school board president, and lifelong Arizonan running for Congress in Tucson’s CD6. Taking office in 2017, Daniel was one of the youngest legislators elected and is a co-founder of the House LGBTQ caucus. He spoke at the May 2, 2022, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. In the House, he has worked with both Republicans and Democrats to pass bills protecting survivors of sexual assault and to secure $20 million for school resource officers, counselors, and social workers. He also led the fight against legislation that would discriminate against LGBTQ Arizonans. He fought [...]

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Rep. Morgan Abraham’s Offense and Defense Strategy

The Republican Arizona Legislature is passing anti-voting laws, banning parental family planning, and destroying public education. Accordingly, Rep. Morgan Abraham -- a candidate for state Senate in LD18 -- devised an offense and defense strategy. He spoke at the April 11, 2021, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Abbreviated video (11 minutes) Full length meeting video Larry Bodine: Hello and welcome to today's Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting. My name is Larry Bodine, and I will be your host today. First, let me introduce our speaker, and that would be Democrat Morgan Abraham. Morgan is an Arizona House of Representatives [...]

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Video: LD17 Candidates Brian Radford & Dana Allmond for State Rep. & Mike Nickerson for State Senate

Index 00:00:00 DGT Logo 00:00:04 Speakers 00:00:08 Introduction to Dana Allmond 00:00:33 Dana Allmond 00:09:00 Introduction to Mike Nickerson 00:09:35 Mike Nickerson 00:19:50 Introduction to Brian Redford 00:20:10 Brian Redford 00:27:42 Q&A Click to see more info about the candidates.

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