Attorney Bob McWhirter Launches Campaign for Attorney General

PHOENIX – Lifelong Democrat Bob McWhirter — an Arizona attorney with more than 30 years of experience, a nationally recognized Constitutional scholar, and an expert on immigration law and the Bill of Rights — today launched his campaign for Attorney General of Arizona.

McWhirter has dedicated his life to strengthening democracy and ensuring the law is applied fairly, regardless of someone’s politics or zip code. He has long worked with community organizations from the Arizona NAACP to the ACLU, serving as a public defender in Maricopa County, and as pro-bono counsel at the Federal District Veterans Court. In his 30+ years as a lawyer, McWhirter has a well-earned reputation of going above and beyond to win tough cases and ensure justice is served.

He is in a Democratic primary race with former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes and State Democratic Rep. Diego Rodriguez. Republican challengers include Former U.S. Attorney Lacy Cooper, Former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Andrew Gould and Small business attorney and business owner Tiffany Shedd.

McWhirter is a popular speaker and appeared at a meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

“For more than 30 years, I’ve been on the frontlines – standing up for justice, taking on extremist bullies like [disbarred lawyer] Andrew Thomas and [convicted Maricopa Sheriff] Joe Arpaio who have tormented communities of color,” McWhirter Bob McWhirter. “I’ve stood up to Donald Trump and his allies who try to exploit our judicial system and overturn elections just because they didn’t like the outcome. It’s time that kind of BS stops. And when I’m Attorney General, it will.

“For far too long, Arizona’s Attorney General has been serving the wealthy, powerful, and the extreme right-wing. It’s time we had an Attorney General focused on fairness and justice for all. This is no time for Democrat-light (or a lightweight). We need someone who’s been in this fight and will stand up for the people. That’s why I’m running and why I’m so proud to launch my campaign today.

“As Attorney General, I’ll work to end the politicization of this office to defend our Constitution, follow the law and keep people safe. You can count on me to fiercely protect the rights of women to make their own health care decisions and stand up for reproductive freedom.

“I’ll work to expand the power of our civil division to prosecute consumer fraud scams, protect the civil rights of our communities of color, and end public corruption,” said McWhirter. “And I will always fight to protect our democracy and stand up to the bullies who try to exploit our judicial system and overturn elections. Donald Trump and his cronies’ shenanigans will not happen on my watch.”

Bob McWhirter has always believed in the power of the law to protect our rights and serve justice. For the last thirty years in Arizona, McWhirter has done exactly that as a nationally recognized Constitutional scholar, a highly successful defense attorney, and an award-winning author and expert on immigration law and the Bill of Rights.

McWhirter is a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law with the State Bar of Arizona, and first-chair qualified to defend capital cases by the Arizona Supreme Court. Since 2016, he has operated his law firm, focusing on criminal law and civil rights litigation.

He received his Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University College of Law in 1988. Upon graduation, McWhirter clerked for Vice Chief Justice Stanley G. Feldman of the Supreme Court of Arizona. Instead of going to a big law firm for a big paycheck, McWhirter served as an Assistant Federal Public Defender and then with the Maricopa County Public Defenders’ office.

He lives in Tempe with his wife, Gina Huerta, and their three children Robert, Ryan, and Gabriel.

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