Arizonans are Striking Back with Ballot Referenda

With the Arizona Legislative Session over, citizen activists, stunned by the regressive taxation and voter suppressing measures passed over the last several months, are readying referendum petitions for Arizonans to sign that will appear on the 2022 ballot.

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Organizations like Stand for Children,  Arizona Deserves Better, and Invest in Arizona (which includes groups involved in the Invest in Education movement, the Children’s Action Alliance, the Arizona Center for Economic Progress, the Arizona Education Association, the Arizona Interfaith Network, and Save Our Schools Arizona) are working to undo:

  • SB1485: The purge of the Permanent Early Voting List.
  • The shift of election dispute power from the Secretary of State to the Attorney General.
  • The prohibition of election officials from obtaining private grants to help run free and fair elections.
  • The flat tax that gives the ultra-rich a $30,000 tax cut per individual while people at the bottom of the scale get only a $3 cut. This is the same tax cut Republicans prioritized over a $12 million expansion of KidsCare for poor children or giving pregnant women access to dental care.
  • SB1783: The measure that would take somewhere between $300 and $400 million from the voter-approved Proposition 208/Invest in Ed fund.
David Lujan, the leading organizer for Invest in Ed.

Commenting on the need to file these petitions, former Democratic Legislative Leader, Children’s Action Alliance head and leading organizer for Invest in Ed David Lujan commented to AZ Central that:

“That’s revenue that we think instead should be going to our public schools, going to help provide health care for children, affordable housing resources, all sorts of priorities that have been underfunded for years. Instead of investing in those things, they are attempting to give huge tax cuts to the rich, which is just disastrous for our future.”

There are only 90 days from when the legislative session ends and the Governor signs the bills to collect the signatures so time is of the essence.

  • Please listen for when these ballot petitions will be available to where to sign.
  • Please do your part in the fight to save Democracy and safeguard the will of the People in Arizona.
  • Sign these petitions in the next 90 days and vote in 2022 to undo the regressive taxation and voter suppression measures the members of the former party of Lincoln forced upon Arizonans in the waning days of the 2021 Legislative Session.

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