Arizona Agenda Newsletter Writers Examine Arizona Candidates

Hank Stephenson and Rachel Leingang bring you the political context, the gossip, and the peeks behind the scene from the Arizona Agenda newsletter.

00:09 Welcome to the DGT by President Larry Bodine


00:04 Arizona Agenda Journalists

00:18 Introduction to Arizona Agenda Journalists

02:08 Arizona Agenda Journalists Comments

22:51 Q&A

Hank Stephenson has written about Arizona for national outlets like The New York Times, Politico Magazine and Columbia Journalism Review. But he’s a community reporter at heart. He was most recently editor and meme-maker at Yellow Sheet Report, a political tipsheet and gossip rag. He has covered Arizona politics and government since 2008.

Rachel Leingang has covered government, politics and higher education in Arizona since 2015, first at the Arizona Capitol Times, then at The Arizona Republic, where she most recently wrote government accountability stories with an eye for those impacted and a focus on problem-solving. She has a master’s degree from Arizona State University.

Hank is known for showing up and making a scene. You might remember him when the Arizona House of Representatives created a rule that would have banned him from the House floor because they were mad about his coverage of the House speaker.

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