Are Ducey and Republicans Headed for the Woodshed in November?

Gov. Ducey had better start paying attention because by all indications a train wreck is coming for him and elected Republicans in November. Since being elected he seems to have been able to fool all the voters some of the time, but because of his record you cannot fool all the voters all the time.

If predictions hold true that Mark Kelly will unseat Martha McSally, Arizona will have two Democratic Senators both on Ducey’s watch and both seats lost by Ducey’s handpicked candidate Martha McSally. It seems when Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” sure pertains to Gov. Ducey.

With the loss of two Senate seats this is certainly not the only misstep Ducey has made. This will probably be the one when the Republican Party finally realizes that selling ice cream doesn’t relate to holding onto two Republican Senate seats. Besides Senate seats, the Democrats hold a 5 to 4 majority in the U.S. House. As for the State legislature, the possibility that one or both houses may change hands will certainly be the downfall of Ducey.

Let’s take a look at the Governor’s real record.

Governor Ducey would like us to forget that the Arizona Supreme court voted unanimously in two court cases that went against the Governor.

  • One case regarding the minimum wage in 2017, the Justices rejected a challenge to the voter-approved law and the higher wage remained in place.
  • In another case just recently, the Arizona Supreme Court allowed the education tax on the wealthy back on the ballot.

In both court cases, Governor Ducey and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce opposed placing the minimum wage increase and the education tax on the wealthy on the ballot. It’s strange that the Chamber of Commerce would oppose the education tax issue. With a better education system here in Arizona, wouldn’t it be a benefit by having a well-educated workforce? As for the Governor, how could a better-educated workforce not help the state, along with a higher minimum wage?

Regarding the Arizona Supreme Court, Governor Ducey a few years ago decided on his own that Arizona needed two more Supreme Court Justices. Unfortunately, at the time Chief Justice Scott Bales said, “additional justices are not required by the court’s caseload, and an expansion of the court (whatever people may otherwise think of its merits) is not warranted when other court-related needs are underfunded.” For the Governor, stacking the Supreme Court didn’t do him any good.

The Governor — not being content with stacking the Arizona Supreme Court — weighed in on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in San Francisco in 2016, claiming the same as he did for the Arizona Supreme Court “the 9th is just too large and takes too long to gain resolution.” But the next day Ducey admitted, “that there’s an ideological reason for his push to move Arizona out of the 9th Circuit.” But when I questioned the Governor while he was here in Oro Valley he admitted, “that he wanted a more conservative court for Arizona and four other states.” Governor Ducey seems to think that the courts should exist just for the benefit of his conservative views.

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