Attention all Democrats: the Pima Supervisors need to hear from you!

The Pima County Board of Supervisors will vote on establishing vote centers and automating pollbooks at their Tuesday, February 15th meeting. As an already well-established practice in 11 other counties, voting centers are inherently more accessible.

“This technology would enable any Pima County voter to vote anywhere in the entire county. That means if they were up on Mount Lemmon on Election Day they could vote there even if they lived here in midtown,” said Recorder Gabriella Cazares-Kelly.
  • Vote Centers are more secure
  • Pima County voters can cast their ballot at any Vote Center
  • Convenient for rural and urban voters alike
  • No more disqualifying “out of precinct” votes

Pima County Recorder Gabriella Cazares-Kelly wants Pima County voters to be able to vote at voting centers on Election Day rather than their specific polling place in their precinct. She and Pima County interim Elections Director Mary Martinson introduced a proposal to the Pima County Election Integrity Commission Friday to bring 100 vote centers to the county for Election Day voting in August and November.

Cazares-Kelly believes this will make voting faster, more convenient and ultimately increase turnout.

Read here for more information from the Center for American Progress.

4 ways you can help: 1. Submit your written comments to: COB_MAIL@pima.gov2. Call your County Supervisor! Numbers below.3. Sign up to speak for 3 minutes at the virtual meeting on Tuesday, February 15th.  Call (520) 724-8449 to get on the agenda.4. Share this info!
You can look up which district you’re in here: Info:
Supervisor Rex Scott, District 1
(520) 724-2738Supervisor Matt Heinz, District 2
(520) 724-2702Supervisor Sharon Bronson, Chair District 3
(520) 724-8051Supervisor Steve Christy, District 4
(520) 724-8094Supervisor Adelita Grijalva, Vice Chair District 5
(520) 724-8126