Support New Districts for Democratic Justices of the Peace

JUSTICE of the PEACE Redistricting

Please email the Board of Supervisors before Sept.7th!

The Pima County Supervisors will vote on Justice of the Peace redistricting Sept. 7 (or 21). They will vote for 1 of 3 maps. Option 1 is the only Democratic map. We oppose Option 2 & 3 which are Republican maps. Please email each Democratic Supervisor to ask for their vote for Option 1 which brings equal population & fairer representation to the JPs.

ARGUMENTS to Use in your Email:

  • Equal Representation, should be at the heart of redistricting. Only Option 1 meets this criteria
    by creating nearly equal population in each district. Option 2 has a 14,000-30,000 population
    difference between districts! Option 3 -has 25k-50,000 population difference between districts!
  • Geographic compactness – Option 2 fails this by adding a large population & big geographic area
    to protect JP 1- going from Oro Valley to Vail! We oppose protecting JP 1 or any districts. It
    looks like gerrymandering & makes Option 2 vulnerable to criticism and legal challenge.
  • Minority representation is protected by the Voting Rights Act which prohibits diluting minority
    districts. Option 1 has the best minority protection for all 3 minority districts.
  • Option 1 is the best map for Constables, reducing JP 8’s huge workload.
  • Option 1 creates a fair map that meets ALL the criteria of redistricting. This makes it “bullet-
    proof” for criticism or legal challenge.
  • Option 2 & 3 attempt to rectify a problem with the Constable workload. We strongly oppose using
    redistricting to resolve policy issues. Let constables “consolidate” & share workload equally.
  • Conclusion: Option 1 is the best map: it equalizes population in the districts, best map for
    Constables, and it has geographic integrity. It is the only option that conveys fairness to the
    public. And, it is less vulnerable to criticism or legal challenge!

Pima County expects fairness from our Judges. We want fair & equal representation in

Email Supervisors to support OPTION 1
Supervisor Rex Scott: District 1. (520) 724-2738. email
Supervisor Matt Heinz: District 2. (520) 724-8126. email
Supervisor Sharon Bronson: District 3. (520) 724-8051. email
Supervisor Adelita Grijalva: District 5. (520) 724-8126. email

QUESTIONS? Contact Paula Aboud, retired Justice of the Peace, at

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