Activate yourself! The Legislature is Back in Session

Republicans are swarming like bacteria in Phoenix, ready to pass laws to ruin our lives. They want to ban abortion, ban the teaching of so-called “critical race theory”, take away the right to vote, pick our electors for us, ban masks and vaccination mandates, and cut public school funding. Because they have a one-vote majority in both the House and Senate, they use it to operate a GOP dictatorship.

But we Democrats can do something about it. It’s time to activate yourself!

Get the Iyer Report

Civic Engagement Beyond Voting, an Indivisible group, is a grassroots nonpartisan organization that works to empower Arizona’s citizens to exercise their voices at the state level. Arizona lawmakers introduce more than 1,500 bills every year! Founding editor Melinda Merkel Iyer created the AZ Legislature Weekly Update, a condensed, easy-to-follow weekly overview that highlights the most notable bills of each session. Often called “the Iyer Report” or “the Weekly,” Melinda’s report describes each bill in brief everyday language and details its status for the week. She recommends a stance for each bill, and cites multiple sources of information so readers can make up their own minds.

Sign up here to get the update by email every Sunday morning during the legislative session.

Request to Speak System
Weigh in on bills from the comfort of your couch! Arizona’s Request to Speak (RTS) is an online tool that lets everyday citizens give Arizona state lawmakers feedback on bills. It’s an easy way to get involved in state politics, stay informed on the bills that directly affect us, and make sure our elected officials honor the wishes of us, their constituents.

Get an Account: RTS accounts must be activated at the Capitol. If you’d like an account, simply fill out this form. Our volunteers will activate an account for you and send you an email with instructions on how to get started.

Learn to use RTS: Watch the short training video below.​

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