Positions of the Arizona Association of County School Superintendents on 90+ AZ Bills

House Bills

H2008                  Civics Instruction                                                                        Neutral/No Position

H2009                  Violation of State Law                                                               Neutral/No Position

H2019                  Paid Governing Board Members                                          Oppose

H2026                  Literacy Endorsements                                                             Support

H2027                  CTED Revisions                                                                            Support

H2034                  CTED Associate Degrees                                                            Support

H2039                  Live, Remote Instruction                                                            Support, w/ Grant Exemption

H2040                  ESA Notification                                                                          Support

H2077                  Candidates, Electronic Signatures                                        Support

H2086                  Immunizations                                                                            Neutral/No Position

H2109                  Tobacco Industry Limits                                                             Support

H2112                  CRT Restrictions                                                                          Neutral/No Position

H2114                  Define Gross Mismanagement (AACSS BILL)                  W/D for the year

H2117                  Transportation Support Level, CTEDs                                    Support

H2118                  Alternative Schools                                                                    Neutral/No Position

H2124                  Eliminate Common (03) District Tuition (AACSS BILL)       Support

H 2125                 Electronic Smoking Devices Limits                                 Support

H2164                  CTE Seal (AACSS in support of CTEDs)                                         Support

H2177                  Charter School Fingerprint Requirements                          Support

H2179                  Accounting Responsibility (AACSS BILL)                                      Support

H2185                  STO and ESA Testing Requirement                                   Support

H2228                  County Jail Ed. Funding                                                             Support

H2300                  County Jail Ed. Funding (AACSS Bill)                                      Support

H2246                  Private School Student Interscholastic Eligibility              Oppose

H2247                  Learning Materials                                                                     Oppose

H2276                  Investigation                                                                                Oppose

H2277                  School District Boundary Changes                                            Oppose

H2278                  Alternative Math Pathway                                                          Oppose

H2279                  School District Lapsing                                                              Oppose

H2281                  Medical freedom, Parents Rights                                 Neutral/ No Position

H2283                  Polling Places Schools                                                               Oppose

H2284                  Student Promotions                                                                   Oppose

H2285                  Sex Education Changes                                                             Oppose

H2286                  Parental Support of Surveys                                             Neutral/No position

H2291                  Prohibited Instruction                                                               Neutral/No Position

H2293                  Gender Pronouns                                                                       Neutral/No Position

H2315                  School Materials, Website                                                           Oppose

H2325                  Instruction in 911 Day Required                                          Oppose

H2352                  SFB Oversight Extended                                                            Support

H2356                  Covid Related                                                                               Neutral/No Position

H2370                  Posting Activities on Website                                                           Oppose

H2373                  ESA Expansion                                                                             Oppose

H2395                  CTED, Career Adult Technical Education Fund                           Support

H2414                  Weapons on School Grounds                                                           Neutral/No Position

H2439                  School Library Books                                                                 Neutral/No Position

H2453                  Government Entities, Mask Mandate                               Neutral/No Position

H2475                  Employers, Vaccine Mandate                                                          Neutral/No Position

H2498                  Vaccination Requirements                                                Neutral/No Position

H2535                  School Curricula                                                                          Oppose

H2542                  School Safety Approps.                                                             Neutral/No Position

H2555                  Civics Instruction                                                                        Neutral/No Position

H2557                  Partisan Ballots                                                                           Oppose

H2561                  Native American Experience                                                      Neutral/No Position

H2563                  Daily Route Miles                                                                        Support

H2565                  SDB Revisions                                                                              Neutral/No Position

H2566                  Special Education Vouchers, ASDB                                             Neutral/No Position

H2568                  Course Choice and Funding Portability                                       Support as a Pilot

H2587                  Public Records, Point of Contact                              Neutral/No Position

H2707                  Public Schools, Moment of Silence                                         Neutral / No Position

H2739                  ASBA, Open Meeting                                                                 Neutral/ No Position

H2800                  Concurrent Coursework, ADM                                                  Support

HB2803               ESA Universal Eligibility                                                             Oppose

HB2808               Schools Operation, Improvements, Az Achiev. Dist. Oppose

HB2818               CTE Articulated Credit                                                               Support

HB2820               School Safety, SRO                                                                     Neutral/No Position

HCR 2001            CRT Discrimination                                                                     Neutral/No Position

Senate Bills

S1010                  Partisan Election Governing Boards                                         Oppose

S1011                  School Districts Not Use Tax Funds Lobbying                      Oppose

S1046                  Biological Sex, Interscholastic Participation                      Follow Current AIA Policy                  

S1068                  Charter Schools Teachers/ TEI                                                 Oppose

S1131                  ESA Definition                                                                              Oppose

S1133                  Prohibit Vote By Mail                                                                Oppose

S1159                  Teacher Certification                                                                 Support

S1165                  Biological Sex, Interscholastic/ Intramural                        Follow Current AIA Policy

S1198                  Political Subdivisions, No Paid Lobbyists                          Oppose

S1209                  Tobacco Use Age                                                                         Support

S1211                  Schools, Materials, Activities                                                         Neutral/No Position

S1213                  School Funding, Inflation Adjustment                                     Neutral/No Position

S1245                  Tobacco, Vapor, Alternative Nicotine                                    Oppose

S1246                  School Buses, Electrification                                                Support

S1326                  School Course Equivalents                                                     Neutral/No Position (By VOTE)

S1361                  Schools, CEC, Interstate Students (AACSS Bill)                    Support

S1510                  Schools, Bullying Definition                                                        Support

S1617                  School Districts, Peaceful Protesting                                      Neutral/No Position

S1625                  Public Officers Notice                                                                Oppose

S1630                  School Buses, Student Transportation                               Support

S1635                  Community Schools Pilot                                                   No Position

S1657                  ESAs, STOs                                                                                    Oppose

S1683                  Education Programs, County Jails                                      Support

SCR1007             Property Tax Allocation to Private Schools                          Oppose

SCR1049             Educational Opportunities, Children Support                             Support

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